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Welcome to my page featuring my quicksand videos. At this time I've ten to offer. Just click on the video name to be taken to the page featuring more information on that video, as well as some images from that video.


Carlysle Bog.  This story tells the tragic tale of several reporters seeking out the mysterious disappearances in a swamp.  The DVD is over 2 hours in length including the outtakes, and stars Lillith and Kristine Lynn.

Explorer Revisited.  Almost 90 minutes in length, featuring new model Kristine Lynn as a jungle explorer who takes the wrong path and meets her end in quicksand.   

Fantasy Quicksand. Approximately 90 minutes in length with 5 sinking sequences, one slideshow, plus outtakes.  Features "Quicksand from Another World", "Supergal", "Prehistoric Quicksand", "Doing it Boggy Style", and "Special Delivery".

Kaol's Quicksand Collection Volume 1  This is my first DVD and is almost 90 minutes in length.  It features 7 sinking sequences and two slideshows and stars Ann Howe, Kristine Lynn, and Rowena.  

Kaol's Quicksand Collection Volume 2  This is DVD and is over 90 minutes in length.  It features 4 sinking sequences and 3 slideshows and stars Ann Howe, Kristine Lynn, and Christy North along with numerous commissioned artworks.  

Kaol's Quicksand Collection Volume 3  This DVD is about 65 minutes in length.  It features 4 sinking sequences and 1 slideshow and stars Siana, Ann Howe, Kristine Lynn, and Rowena, with cameos by Loch Ness, Chuck Lang, and Pete Boggs.  The sequences include "The Costume Party", "Quicksand Seeker", "Basic Training", and "Leisurely Sinking".  

Kaol's Quicksand Collection Volume 4  This DVD is approximately 80 minutes in length and features 5 sinking segments, and two slideshows of stills taken from those video shoots.  The segments are culled from previous released but discontinued videos of mine.  Starring in the film are Ann Howe, Christy North, and Kristine Lynn, in the five segments of "All Tied Up", "Bikini Quicksand Fun", "Real Quicksand", "Quicksand Captive" and "Fetish Fantasy".  Three of the segments have storylines, while two do not.  

The Kidnapping and The Gift That Keeps On Giving These two stories were shot in the summer of 1997. I enjoy the videos that feature storylines to them myself, and so these two dramatic/horror tales are examples of quicksand melodrama. Just click on the title to learn more about the video and get some sample images. 

Missing Person.  Three segments, featuring Rowena, Kristine Lynn, and Siana.  Two short stories: "Missing Person" and "Sunken Treasure" as well as a music video, "Mud Wrestling Miss".  

Quicksand Virgins.  Introducing and starring Lillith and Siana.  This two hour video features them discovering quicksand for the first time.  

Rowena Sinks.  A video featuring a new model sinking into quicksand for the very first time, and featuring Kristine Lynn in a cameo role.

Sylla: The Movie.  Now available on DVD, this is a newly edited version of my film.  The story of a jungle girl and her various perils.  It also features the original version of the video with director commentary, plus 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage.

Tourist Tales This tape is almost 2 hours in length. It features 3 quicksand story sequences, "The Tourist", "The Mind is the Key", and "The Lost Pooch".

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