Kaol's Quicksand Collection Vol. 3


This DVD is approximately 65 minutes in length and features 4 sinking segments, and one slideshow of stills taken from those video shoots.    The segments are culled from previous released but discontinued videos of mine, as well as new material.   The first segment is "The Costume Party" featuring someone dressed like a certain horror movie hostess who runs into trouble on her way to a party.  The second is the segment "Quicksand Seeker" featuring a woman who seeks the pleasures of quicksand before disappearing beneatht he surface.  "Basic Training" features a female marine in training who can't quite navigate that obstacle course.  Finally there is "Leisurely Sinking" featuring an unscripted, fun sinking, one of my first segments ever.


anna quicksand anna quicksand
anna quicksand anna quicksand

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