Sylla: The Movie


Below are images from my film, "Sylla: The Movie", based on my own jungle girl creation, Sylla.  For a while this film has not been available, but I have taken the old film and edited it again with my new equipment, basically tightening it up a little bit.  It's still not the most polished, but it is my favorite of my films so far.  


Additionally on the DVD you get the original version with my commentary over it, which I made a few years ago.


Then to fill things up there are about 20 minutes of raw footage to fill things up a bit.


This is VERY MUCH a tongue in cheek adventure.  it  features a jungle girl in cliched jungle perils, including two encounters with quicksand, an outer space poacher, and plenty more, so if that is something you enjoy, then this is The CD for you.

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1998 Kaol

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