Fantasy Quicksand


This DVD is approximately 90 minutes in length and features 5 sinking segments, one slideshow of stills taken from those video shoots, plus some alternate behind the scenes footage.   The first segment is "Quicksand from Another World" featuring a starship member beamed down against her will to a planet with living quicksand.  The second is the segment "Supergal" with a well known comic heroine encountering kryptonite mud and beset by a mud monster (played by Chuck Lang).   Third comes "Prehistoric Quicksand" where a sexy cave girl tries to escape being a dinosaur's dinner, and ends up in quicksand.  Fourth, "Doing it Boggy Style" features a woman who ends up with a dunking after pleasing her mate.   Last but not least is "Special Delivery", featuring a delivery woman who will not let a little quicksand prevent her from delivering her assigned package.


Sci fi quicksand Supergal quicksand
Cavegirl quicksand boggy style
boggy style  

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