The Carlysle Bog has a long and dark history, mysteriously claiming the lives of an uncertain number of men and women over the years.  Although you supposedly can't really sink in quicksand, it is the culprit most likely responsible for the disappearances of all these people.  At the same time, there is some suggestion of a darker, more mysterious force at work.

In August 1999, Samantha and James ventured into the Carlysle Bog with a videocamera to make a documentary about the eerie locale.  They vanished, but the video they took was found.  It shows the two of them exploring the bog before Samantha gets caught in quicksand.  James comes in to join her, but instead of rescuing her the two of them seem to become sexually aroused and temporarily quite forget their danger.  Not long after, however, the quicksand claims the two of them, with Samantha's disappearance captured on video.

In May 2001, Lilli and Carl, inspired by James' video footage, decided to explore on their own.  Again, their deaths in quicksand are clearly captured.

The original footage is in the custody of the Carlysle County Police Department, but for the first time copies of this footage are available to the public.

quicksand quicksand low res

The film is approximately 65 minutes in length, with an additional 1 1/2 hours of outtakes available on the two DVD set.  The videotape is slightly shorter, with a little less than an hour of extra footage.

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