The Safari Twins



Part Two

"Bobby, please you have got to help me, B-O-B-B-Y!!!!"

(As we last left Sue, she was sinking deeper in quicksand, and struggling to get out).

"BOBBY, where are you? Please be alright, please god come and get me out of this stuff, I can't hold out much longer!"

The quicksand pulls Sue in up to her chest, and she knows that Bobby is not going to be able to save her, knowing that she is doomed to die, she begins to cry even harder.

"Bobby, I hope that you find mom, dad, and I hope that you three make it out of this awful jungle, just remember that I love you, and ahhhhhh what's this? It's some kind of vine, but where did it come from?"

As Sue looks to the shore she can see that the monkey that saved them earlier has returned to save her again. The monkey has thrown her a vine that was in to trees, now all she has to do is grab it and pull herself out.

"Oh Mr. monkey, thank-you so much all I have to do grab that vine, and I can get out of this mess. AHHH, AHHH, Ahhhh got it! Now to get out of this stuff."

As Sue gets a good grip on the vine she started to pull herself out, but she is so mired in the sticky, muddy mess that she can't.

"Ahh, can't get out, I'm in too deep, and this stuff won't let me go. Have to hold on to the rope, and hope that Bobby makes it back so he can pull me out."

Bobby is still running from the spiders, and have spilt up him, and his sister. As he starts running up a small hill, he turns to see if the eight lagged monsters are still following him, and he can see that they still chasing him. As far as he can tell it looks like about 15 to 20 spiders, he can't get a good count on them, because they all bunched together. As Bobby turns to run, he hears a noise above him. When he looks he can see a large branch falling out of the trees! Bobby jumps clear of the falling branch, and looks back at it, and to his surprise the branch starts to move in his direction.

"Whoa that was close, if that branch would have hit me, I could have been knocked out cold, and then these spiders would have had me for lunch, and HEY, what gives? The branch is moving my way, and OH My, ANACONDA, and I don't think that it wants to say hello either."

Anaconda, the worlds largest snake, and one that likes to kill! Bobby knows that if the Anaconda gets one coil on him he won't be able to get away, and the snake will crush him, in a matter of minutes. As Bobby watches the Anaconda slowly inch his way he can see the eyes of the snake, staring at him as if the eyes of the snake were telling him to sit back, and relax you cannot get away from me. I am going to kill you, and then eat you. Bobby backs up the hill with the snake moving up with him, he knows that he has to find a way back to find Sue, but how? Bobby has an idea.

"You wanna try and eat me Mr. Snakeman, well here eat this!"

Bobby throws the snake a banana that he picked up just before the spider clan came. As the banana lands near the Anaconda, it slowly moves up to it, and stops. The Anaconda looks at the Banana for about 30 seconds, and just as it was about to move towards Bobby, it made a horrible sound as if in pain. Bobbys plan worked, the snake stopped long enough for the spiders to catch it. Now the Anaconda, and the spiders are fighting each other, and not after Bobby. The Anaconda slithers off the trail, with the spiders right behind it.

"Ha, ha, ha, eat that, you 30 foot freak! Now got to back track and find Sue. Please sis, be alright."

Bobby double times it back to where he and his sister had to spilt up, as he runs down the trail he begins to call her name, and prays that she will be able to hear him. As Bobby begins to go down the trail that his sister was on, he can hear something off the right hiding or waiting in the high grass.

"Don't know what that sound is, but I better be careful this place is full of dangers. I just hope that Sue got away from the Spiders that were chasing her Oh no! Another snake in the trail!"

As Bobby looks up the trail, he can see a snake in the middle of the road, not as big as the one he just encountered, but it was still a snake. Bobby slowly stepped off the trail, and into the high grass, maybe he could get through this grass, and around the snake, but as he started to move through the grass he heard something that sounded like someone crying, someone sounding like his sister.

"Sue? Sue is that you please answer me?"

"Bobby, Oh Bobby thank goodness you found me. Don't come through the reeds there is some kind of quicksand, and I'm trapped in it up to my chest."

"OK hold on, I'll try to find a way to get to you, there is a snake about 20 feet up the trail, and I have to find some way around it"

"Bobby that's not a snake, it's a vine that was thrown to me, by the monkey that saved us earlier, threw me the end on the vine, but I'm in too deep to pull myself out. I have a hold on the vine, I'm not sinking any more, but I can't get out either, I need you to help me"!

"Right, hang on I'll be right there"!

Bobby makes his way back onto the trail, and slowly walks up to see that it is a vine, and not a snake, as he walks through the high reeds, he can see her sister and she is indeed mired in quicksand up to chest. Bobby grabs the vine, and begins to pull with everything that he has.

"Hang on sis, I'll pull you out! Ahh, Ahh, Sue, you don't seem to be coming out, I think that you need to try and move around some, and that will make the quicksand loosen up, and I should be able to get you out"!

"Bobby, I don't know thrashing around in this stuff made me sink in the first place, and I don't w--".


"Alright Bobby, I'll try, but please don't let me go under"!

"I won't now try, and move your feet"!

Sue begins to move her feet, slowly at first because the quicksand has gripped them like steel. She can feel the grip of the sand loosen up, as it is getting ready to pull her in more, she can feel that her feet are being pushed downwards.

"Bobby now, it's now or never"!

"Hang on, and when you get your arm free grab the vine"!

Bobby, pulls with everything that he has, and he can start to see that his sister is slowly coming out of the quicksand. Sue keeps moving her feet to make sure that the quicksand is soft so she can escape. As her brother pulls on the vine her left arm comes out with a blop, and just as soon as it came out Sue grabbed the vine with it, and then Bobby told her to wrap the vine around her chest, and when she did he told her to hold on tight.

"Sue, tie the end of the vine around your chest, and hang on tight"!

"Alright Bobby, whatever you say. OK it's tied around my chest now pull"!

As soon as Bobby saw that Sue had tied the vine around her chest he started pulling with everything that he had. Sue was slowly coming out of the quicksand inch by inch. Bobby kept pulling, and Sue kept moving her feet so the quicksand couldn't keeps it hold on her. Sue was only knee deep in the quicksand when Bobby dug in and pulled with everything he had, and then some. Sue came out of the quicksand with a loud Blop!

"Sue, are you alright"?

"Oh Bobby, thank-you, thank-you, I thought that I was gonna die, but the monkey threw me the vine, and I just held on until you showed up"!

"What happened? How did you wind up in there"?

"The spiders were chasing me, and I hid in the high grass hoping that they wouldn't see me, and after they passed me by, I tried to come back out, but my feet were stuck, and when I struggled it got worse, and before I knew what was happening, I was to deep to get out"!

"Well you're safe now, so lets go and grab the banana's, and get out of here, and find some place for you to wash up"!

The two make their way back to the banana's they had knocked down, grabbed what they could carry, and made their way down back the trail they Sue had taken.

"Bobby, why are we going this way? What's wrong with the trail that you took"?

"One word Sue. ANACONDA! I don't know if it survived the spider attack or not, but if it did I do not want to mess with it. That thing had to be at least 25 feet long"!

"Gross, I thought the quicksand was bad, but a 25 foot snake yuck"!

"Speaking of yuck, you should get a good look at yourself"!

"That's not funny Bobby! I know I look bad, but remember I got trapped in some quicksand"!

"I know you were trapped in quicksand, but you still are a mess hahahahahha"!

"Whatever! Lets just find some where I can get this gross stuff off me, and Hey look there's the monkey that saved us Bobby! I'm gonna throw it a banana"!

As Sue throws the money a banana it walks up to it, and eats it very quickly, and before Sue can throw it another one, it comes running up to them.

"Sue look out, don't let it get to close we don't know if it's friendly or not"!

The monkey stops about 2 feet from the both of them, and then ever so very slowly, the monkey reaches out for the two of them.

"Bobby, what do we do? I think that it's lonely, and needs a friend or two and it found us"!

"Sue, I don't know, about this you and your always wanting to have a pet. This is a wild animal, and don't know what it will do, but it did save us, and it does look friendly and it is kinda cute"!

The two kids reach out their hands to the monkey, and they are both surprised when the monkey very lightly grabs their hand. Sue drops to her knees, and the monkey comes up to her, and puts it's arms around her.

"You see Bobby, it is friendly, and I think it needs us as much as we need it"!

"Looks like you're right Sue, I guess that we'll take him with us, that is if he wants to go with us"!

"Bobby with the monkey as our guide we can easily get through this nasty jungle, and find mom, and dad"!

"Well don't get your hopes up to high Sue, after all it is just a monkey, and not that I don't think he's smart, because he is, but the Amazon is a very big jungle, and the chances that he has been through the entire jungle, are slim to none, but it would be nice to have some kind of look out"!

"So we can keep him right"?

"Look Sue he's not ours to keep, if he wants to come with us he can, but we can't make him follow us"!

"Oh alright Bobby, I guess you are right, this jungle is big, and if he doesn't want to come with us than he can leave"!

As the two give the monkey a few bananas to eat they begin to walk off down the trail. As Sue looks back the monkey, picks up the two bananas they left for him, and he starts running towards them. The monkey catches up to them in no time, and is walking in between them eating it's banana's.

Ten Miles away, we find Jonathan, and Pam McCoy, parents of Bobby and Sue, along with their pilot Migel Perez, walking through the jungle, looking the children and fighting their way through the hostile Amazon Jungle.

"Come, Come we must keep moving the jungle is no place for two small children, and us either"!

"Migel please slow down we cannot keep up this pace for much longer"!

"Migel, my wife is right, if we keep up this pace we will kill ourselves, and then what good would we be to the children"?

"Mr. & Mrs. McCoy, I understand that you are tired, I am tired too, this place is not for the weak, this is the lost of the mighty jungles, and it is very unforgiving! I fear for the safety of the children"!

"I know I am scared for my children too, but we must pace ourselves, or we will be no good to them! Please lets stop, and take a few minutes rest"!

"Alright my friends, we will take a few minutes rest. I will go, and see if I can find some water and something to eat You two rest, and I will be right back"!

"Migel, please wait lets all go together, this jungle is big, and there are things out there that can surely kill us if we don't stay together"!

"Please do not worry Mrs. McCoy, Migel will be careful"!

Migel turns and goes running into the jungle, as Mr. and Mrs. McCoy take a break. It's seem that they have been walking for days, but in reality they have only been walking for two straight hours. The Jungle heat is stifling both of them are dripping with sweat, both are exhausted, and both are worried sick about their two children.

"Jonathan, what are we gonna do? How do we find them in this jungle"?

"Pam, I don't know, I just don't know? This place is huge, and the kids could be anywhere, I know one thing, Bobby is smart, and if he saw which direction we went he would make sure that his sister is alright, and then he would make a straight line for us"!

"God Jonathan I hope that you are right"!

"Come on we had better catch up to Migel, the quicker we find the kids, the better I'll feel"!

Pam & Jonathan, get up and go in the direction that Migel went off in, the trail leads them both to a small river, that only seems to be about 5 to 6 feet deep. Jonathan checks out the river out to make sure that when they cross it they don't have any unwanted visitors trying to have them for lunch.

"OK sweetheart, it looks like the coast is clear to cross here. I don't see anything in the water, that could give us any trouble"!

"John, I don't know, that water looks about 6 feet deep, and we really can't see the bottom, are you sure that it's save to cross"?

"Pam, it looks safe to me, but I could be wrong. If you are unsure about crossing here, we can look for another way"!

"I'd feel much better if we did John"!

"I'm sure Migel went this way, I wonder where he could be? I told him not to go off by himself"!

"John, maybe we should call for him, and see if he answers us"!

"Might as well try! MIGEL! MIGEL, answer me please, where are you? MIGEL"!

"John lets spilt up, and try to find him, you go up river, and I'll go down river, and I'll meet you back here in 10 minutes"!

"Pam I don't know this place is kind of dangerous, and I don't like the kids being out there alone, and now you want to split up"!

"Jonathan, I don't like it either, but if we split up, we can cover twice as much ground in the shortest amount of time"!

"Alright Pam, but 10 minutes, no more"!

"Right, I'll see you in 10 minutes"!

The two split up, looking for their pilot Migel. Jonathan goes up the river, and sees that the river only gets wider, and much deeper. He can see a few crocs swimming in the water, and when they see him they go under water, and he knows that they are hoping that he is stupid enough to get in the water, so they can have an easy meal, but Jonathan knows their plan, and moves closer to the shore. Pam is walking along the shore line, in the other direction, when she sees that the water is getting lower. As she is on the look out for Migel, she sees a few snakes hanging in the trees just waiting for her to pass underneath them so they can drop on her, and the thought of that makes her cringe. As Pam looks down the river, about 50 yards in front of her on the other side of the river is something that looks like a man, and man that she knows.

"Oh my, MIGEL is that you? MIGEL please answer me"!

As Pam gets closer she can see that it is Migel, and he looks like he is hurt. He is on the ground shaking like he is cold, but for some reason he will not answer her. As Pam slowly walks up she can see that Migel is holding something, but what it is she cannot tell. Pam has to make up her mind, whether to cross this two foot section of river, or go back and wait for her husband. She decides that Migel could be really hurt, and if she doesn't do something and fast they could be minus one pilot!

"Migel, if you can hear me hold on, I'm coming across the river, and I'' be there in a minute"!

"As she starts to cross the two feet deep river, the mud is playing hell with her boots, she has a hard time getting across, but after two minutes of fighting the muddy bottom she makes it across. She is less than 10 feet from Migel, when Pam runs up to see if he is alright. As she rolls him over, she can see that he has some kind of fruit in his hands, as she looks closer at the fruit she can see that he has taken a bite out of it, and from the way he was reacting, Pam would say that this type of fruit is poisonous.

"Oh Migel hang on, I'm got to find a way to get this stuff out of you system, but how? What can I give you that would counteract the poison? Got it, if I give you water, than enough of it could, an should make the poison weak enough to where it won't kill you! Let me go fill up my canteen with some water and give it to you, don't try to talk"!

As Pam walks to the river, she doesn't feel like fighting the muck again, so we runs a little further up the river to where the water was a little deeper. As she glances at the river she can see that is getting deeper, and 16 yards from Migel, Pam stopped to fill up her canteen. As she stopped at the waters edge, she thought that she felt something move, but then when she looked around all was well. It took Pam less than 2 minutes to fill up her canteen, and as she turned to go back to Migel, she found that she couldn't move her feet. As Pam looked down at her feet she could see that her hiking boots were mired in the mud up to her ankles, and as she tried to move her feet she could feel the ground moving with her. She didn't understand the problem, so she kept trying to pull her feet free, and then Pam felt something that she only thought happened in the movies. The mud that her feet in mired in suddenly went soft, and she plunged calve deep into the quivering mud.

"Oh my god, what is this? I can't get my feet out, oh god what have I stepped into"?

The more Pam tried to get out of the mud the deeper she sank into it. She didn't realize what it was until she felt it clamp down on her knees.

"Oh My God, Please God No, Quicksand! JONATHAN H----E----L----P M----E, I'm sinking in quicksand! Oh Jonathan please God let him hear me, I don't want to die, I have to find my children! J----O----N----A----T----H----A- ---N H----E----L----P M----E"!

Pam struggles against the quicksand, she knows that she is to stay still, but when you are sinking in quicksand you kind of loose what you should, and should not do. Pam pumps her legs up, and down, hoping to break to suction that mud has on her legs, but all Pam does is stir up the quicksand to where it is nice, and soft, and it begins to pull her in more quickly now. The quicksand pulls her in to her waist, and shows no signs of stopping, and Pam in her present state, doesn't know what to do, so she keep struggling and getting in deeper.

"Jonathan, please my love hear me, I need you I going down in some sort of quicksand! Jonathan"

Somewhere nine miles away...

"You see Bobby, the monkey likes us, and after all he did save us, lets name him"!

"OK Sue, you can name him, but please don't make it a really dumb name, alright"!

"Well I was thinking of just calling him monkey"?

"Monkey, huh? That sounds cool to me. Well come on Sue & Monkey, we have a lot of ground to cover before night fall, and something tells me that I do not want to be in this jungle at night with nowhere to sleep"!

"Bobby do you think that Mom, Dad, and the pilot are alright"?

"Sue for our sakes I hope that they are"!

"Jonathan, please god hear me! I'm still sinking in this stuff, and, and oh no you don't! You are not gonna my feet pointed downwards, you might have me trapped right now, but I'm not gonna let you get an easy meal do you hear me! Jonathan, please oh dear god help me"!

Pam's fight is taking its toll on her, the more she struggles, the deeper she sinks, and the more exhausted she becomes. The quicksand slowly pulls her in up to her chest, and even though the quicksand hasn't pulled her feet downward it is still taking her in, but at a much slower pace. Pam finds herself fighting exhaustion, as well as the quicksand and after 6 minutes of struggling, she can barely talk, let alone scream for help anymore.

"Jonathan, please help me, I'm sinking in quicksand, and I can't get out! Jonathan please hear my plea, I need you, Jonathan Please, I can't get out!"

( - Part 3 - )