The Safari Twins



Part 3

When we left Pam was sinking in quicksand, and her husband was nowhere to be found

"Jonathan please help me, I'm sinking in quicksand, and I can't get out! Jonathan please hear my plea, Jonathan please, I can't"

"Miss Pam hang on Migel is coming to help you"!

"Migel? Migel are you all right? Please try not to move, you have eaten some poisonous fruit, and you shouldn't be moving around at all"!

"Miss Pam, Migel is fine, very dizzy, but I will pull you out, just hang on Miss Pam"!

(As Migel crawls over to Pam, he can see that she has sank up to her chest, and the quicksand in pulling her in more, and more. Migel digs down deep for some extra strength that he might have somewhere in his body, he closes his eyes, and says a quick prayer, and starts to crawl a little faster. In the minute and 30 seconds it took Migel to reach Pam, she had sunk up to her neck, and was still going down.

"Miss Pam, reach for Migel's hand, Migel here now, and Migel pull you out"!

"Migel you don't have the strength to pull me out, and if you try the poison will only run through your system faster"!

"Migel not worried, Migel help you out of quicksand, and then Migel will rest. Now Miss Pam please take Migel's hand, and I try to pull you out of the quicksand"!

(As Pam, reaches out, and takes hold of Migel's hand she can see the look of pain in Migel's face as he is pulling with what little strength he has left.

"Migel, you can't pull me out I'm in too deep, and this stuff has got a good grip on me! Don't try to pull me out, just hang on to my hand, and I hope that I don't go down anymore"!

"But Miss Pam, what if you still sink? Please let Migel try, and pull you out if you go down anymore, Migel will not be able to pull you out at all"!

"Migel, if you think that you will be alright, then go ahead and try, but the minute you feel weak, please stop, I don't want you to kill yourself for me"!

"Migel understand Miss Pam, and I will try to pull you out now"

(As Migel starts to pull, Pam can feel the pressure the quicksand has put on her. Migel pulls with all his might, but Pam is stuck, but good. She can see the pain in Migel's face, and she comes up with an idea).

"Migel, I'm really stuck in the mucky mess, and you can't pull me out, in your condition, but I have an idea. What if I tried to loosen this stuff up some, and then you might be able to pull me out enough to where I can get myself loose"?

"Miss Pam, me no like your plan, what happens, if you loosen quicksand up too much, and it sucks you in before I get you out"?

"I don't see any other choice Migel, you are too weak to pull me out, and this is the only way I can see to get free of this stuff, so get ready to pull I'm gonna try, and move my feet, and legs"!

"Miss Pam wait"!

(Too late, Pam has already started moving her feet, and when she feels the grip on them loosen up, she begins to move her legs up, and down and before she knows it she can feel the mud loosen up on her, but what forgot was that once the quicksand was loosened up again, it would pull her in fast).

"Now Migel, pull"!

"Migel is pulling Miss Pam, hold on I think that you are starting to come out, and Miss Pam, Migel is feeling funny, like, like"


(Migel has passed out, again and now that Pam has loosened up the quicksand she is going down faster than she was before).

"Migel, please not now, please wake up, Migel please you have got to help me before it's too late! M-----I------G------E--------L!!!!!!!!!"

(Pam can feel the quicksand pulling her down more, and more with each move she makes, and still she tries to reach Migel's hand. The quicksand has pulled her in just below her neck, and with one final lung she reaches for Migel's hand, and when she misses, the quicksand pulls her in up to her chin. Now Pam knows the end is near, and there is nothing that she can do but wait for the end to come. She closes her eyes, and says a small prayer for her husband and children and hopes that the three of them get out of this jungle alive. The quicksand pulls Pam in up to her chin, and she knows that it is only a matter of minutes now, she'll go under, and then she will drown. As the muck reaches her bottom lip Pam put her head back, and screams, as loud as she can knowing that it will never be heard).

"Pam, is that you? Pam answer me"!

"Jonathan, is that you? Oh please Jonathan hurry, I'm up to my neck in quicksand, and I am going under"!

"Hang on baby, I'm on my way, just try not to move"!

(Jonathan starts running as fast as he can, and as he clears some trees by the river, he can see his wife's head going down in the quicksand, and the only thing that's left is her arms waving in the air trying to grab on to anything).

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Hang on honey, I'll be there, I won't let you die like that"!

(As Jonathan crosses the stream he can feel the mud trying to pull him in, but he jumps and hits the water flat and scrambles across, as fast as he can. As he gets to the other side, he can see Pam's hands slowly going into the quicksand. Moving as fast as he can, he reaches, and grabs her right hand, and then her left, and then he begins to pull with all his might. Slowly Pam's head comes popping back out of the quicksand, and she is trying to suck in as much air as she can.

"Pam, hang on, I've got you, and I'll have you out of this stuff in a minute"!

"Cough, cough, Jonathan thank-god you found me, I have been calling for you, please don't let me go"!

"Hang on Pam, I've got you, and believe me, I am not letting go of you so hang on, and let me pull you out of this mucky mess"!

(As Jonathan, pulls on his wife, she is slowly coming out of the quicksand, but the quicksand has a good grip on her knees, and doesn't want to let it prize go. Jonathan gives on mighty pull, and the quicksand lets go of Pam, and she goes flying into the arms of her husband. As they both fall backwards, the quicksand makes a growling noise like it is mad because it has just lost its dinner).

"Pam are you alright? Pam answer me please"!

"Cough, Cough, Cough, Jonathan, I'm all right now, thank-you so much, I thought for sure that I was dead"!

"What happened, Pam how did you wind up in that mess"?

"I found Migel, and he ate some fruit that was poisonous, and I went to the river, to get him some water, to flush the poison from his system, and when I tried to walk back over to him, my feet were stuck, and the harder I tried to get free, the deeper I sank. I didn't realize that it was quicksand until I had sank to my knees, and then it was too late for me to get free. I would have gone under for sure if it weren't for Migel! Jonathan we have to find a way around this stuff, and get some water in Migel"!

"Pam first things first, you go get cleaned up, and I'll find a way to reach Migel"!

"Jonathan, are you crazy, if there is quicksand there, then there is quicksand in that stream"!

"Pam all you have to do is not touch the bottom, and you'll be fine, now go, I'll tend to Migel"!

(As Pam slowly makes her way to the river, Jonathan tries to find a way around the quicksand to reach Migel. Pam cleans up as fast as she can, after being sinking in quicksand, she doesn't want to be in to water any longer than she has to be. As she comes up on shore, she can feel the mud trying to pull her in again, but this time she knows the game, and she doesn't want to play).

"Oh no you don't, not this time! You trapped me once, because I didn't know what was going on, but now that I know you aren't gonna pull me in again"!

"Pam, I found a way around that stuff, just walk towards the trees, the ground is harder, and you can get around that stuff. Hang on Migel, once we get some water in your system we should be able to get that poison out of you in no time"!

"Mr. Jonathan, Miss Pam in quicksand hurry, must get her free, and ---

"Easy Migel, Miss Pam is safe, I have already pulled her out of the quicksand, now we have to take care of you"!

Mean while some where in another part of the jungle.

"Bobby, I'm tired can't we take a break"?

"Sue, come on we have to keep going it's gonna be getting dark soon, and we have to find a place that we can rest for the night. It has to high enough off the ground so tigers, and stuff can't reach us"!

"Bobby I know that we have to find some place to rest for the night, but can't we take a quick 5 minute rest, I'm really beat"!

"Oh all right Sue, but no more than 5 minutes. It looks like its gonna be getting dark in about an hour or so, and I don't want to be walking around in the jungle at night, it's spooky enough in the daytime, and when it gets dark it'll be 10 times worse"!

"What do you mean by 10 times worse, Bobby"!

"I mean that in the day time we can see 20 or 40 feet in front of us, but at night we won't be able to see 2 or 3 feet in front of us, and that means that we could walk right up on some wild animal, or something"!

"Oh well then in that case, I say that break time is over. We need to find some place to keep us save"!

"Sue, what's wrong are you scared"?

"Well let's see Bobby, first we land in quicksand, then we get chased by some over grown spiders, and then I step into some quicksand, and almost go under! SCARED? You bet I'm scared, now lets find some shelter"!

(As Bobby, Sue and monkey walk on they are looking for some place to rest for the night. As they come to a clearing, monkey starts jumping up and down, screaming).

"Monkey what is it? Why are you doing that? Bobby what's the matter with Monkey"?

"Sue, I don't know sounds like he is trying to warn us about something, maybe it's more quicksand! There is a lot of open ground between the trees, and if I were quicksand, that's where I'd be hiding waiting to trap somebody, or something"!

"Well how will we know if there is anything out there, and if it is quicksand, I have had my share of that stuff to last me a lifetime"!

"Sue I have an idea, I'll throw some sticks out there, and if the ground moves we know that it's quicksand"!

"Sounds like a good idea to me Bobby"!

(As Bobby looks around for some sticks to throw in the middle of the clearing, Monkey stops jumping up, and down and begins to climb a near by tree).

"Monkey come down you don't know what's up there! Please monkey, I don't want you to get hurt, please come back down"!

"Sue, where's monkey at"?

"Oh Bobby, he climbed that tree, and won't come down, I'm afraid that something is up there, and is gonna eat him"!

"Sue, don't worry about monkey, animals have this sixth sense about things, so I won't worry to much about monkey! I found a few branches, and I gonna throw them out in the clearing, to see if there is any danger out there, at the first sign of trouble, I want you to climb that tree as fast as you can, and I'll be right behind you, all right"!

"OK Bobby, whatever you say, but if something does happen I want your word that you will be right behind me climbing that tree"!

"Come sis, I have to protect you until we find mom, and dad, so that means that I'll be right behind you"!

(As Bobby throws the first tree branch, into the clearing it hits the ground, and nothing happens. He looks at his sister, and lets the other branch fly further than the first one and it hit the ground and nothing happened. They look at each other, and then back at the clearing still nothing. Then all of a sudden they hear a scream that makes them both jump.

"Ahhhhhhhh, what was that Bobby"?

"I, I think it was the monkey, I can't be sure, but let's get up in that tree, and find out"!

As they begin to climb the tree, they are both getting tired these last 8 hours have put a strain on both of them. As they get to the top of the tree, they are relieved to find monkey sitting in the treetops waiting for them. Bobby checks out the tree to make sure that there is nothing dangerous up there waiting to spring out, and get them, and when he is sure that there is nothing dangerous he signals Sue to come on up.

"Sue this looks like as good a place as any the rest for the night, you go ahead a get some sleep, and I'll take the first watch"!

"First watch, Bobby what are you talking about"! "If something happens I want to be a wake so I can get you up, and we can get out of here"!

"Bobby, I think that we are high enough that nothing can get us, don't you think"?

"Well Sue I know that spiders can climb, and so can snakes, and if either one of them got up here, and we were both sleep, well I think you know what would happen to us"!

"Bobby stop! I'm already scared enough as it is, but yes I do know what would happen"!

"OK then you get some sleep, and I'll keep watch, and I'll wake you in about 5 hours"!

"Alright Bobby, but if you get sleepy then wake me up alright"!

"OK Sue, if I get tired I'll wake you I promise"!

(Sue get settled in the tree branches and as soon as she closes her eyes she is asleep, as Bobby watches for any intruders he watches as monkey walks over to Sue, and stands over her, as if he is standing guard. Bobby lets out a little laugh, and then everything goes dark.

"How's Migel doing Jonathan"!

"Pam, I think that he's gonna be alright, we just have to wait, and see how he is in the morning. I got him to drink enough water to drown a camel, but right now I just don't know if he is gonna be alright or not. How are you doing anyway"?

"Well I still have mud in my hair, in my boots, and in my pants, but other than that, I think that I doing well! How about you, are you doing alright"?

"Pam, I'm worried sick about the kids! I know that Bobby is a strong kid, and knows how to handle himself, but he is still just a little boy, out there in this great big jungle, who has a little girl with him, who is scared of her own shadow sometimes"!

"Yes I know Jonathan, but we have to think positive anything else, and we will be no good to the kids"!

"Pam I know, it's just that they are so young, and they have no idea what is out there in this jungle, as a matter of fact we don't even know what is in this awful jungle"!

"We just have to pray that they take care of each other, until we find them, and then together we can all walk out of this jungle"!

"Ohhh, Migel's head is hurting, like someone stepped on it"!

"Migel, are you alright? How do you feel"!

"Miss Pam, Migel said his head hurt, stomach feel like it is doing flips, but other than that Migel feel fine, need to find somewhere off the ground to sleep. Too dangerous to sleep on ground at night in jungle"!

"Migel, where do you think that we could rest for the night"?

"Mr. Jonathan, we need to find trees, tress strong enough to hold us, and high enough to keep the creatures from us"!

"Migel what kind of tree should we look for? What would be the safest tree for us to sleep in tonight"?

"We must find tree that is bare no leaves, nothing green on it, that way we can see any danger coming from anywhere"!

"Migel, how about that tree over there, can you see it"?

"Migel see it, and that is good tree, high enough off ground, and to slick for anything to climb, we go now"!

The three make their way to the tree, and Jonathan has an idea, that will keep most of the creatures at bay, and away from them.

"Pam after we get to the tree, help me dig a small pit"!

"What on earth for Jonathan"!

"After we get Migel in the tree, we are gonna dig a small hole, and I am going to start a fire, that should last most of the night, and keep the animals at bay"!

"Do you think that's wise to do in this jungle"?

"If we clear away enough grass, and dry stuff I don't see us setting the jungle on fire, and besides that, it will keep us warm, and we can see if anything is coming our way"!

Pam and Jonathan get Migel up in the tree, and to make sure that he doesn't fall out, Jonathan finds some vines, and wraps them around Migel. Then they both climb down the tree, and start digging a small pit. After about 30 minutes they have dug a hole about three feet deep, and about six feet long. Jonathan then starts putting branches, and logs into it. When they have it filled about half way, Jonathan pulls out his lighter, and lights a small branch on fire, and when it starts burning he drops it into the pit. In a matter of 5 minutes, they have a blazing fire, to keep them warm, and keep out the creatures of the night, and whatever else might be out there.

"OK Pam, we're done here, now up you go, and I'll be right behind you"!

"You better mister, I want us both to get a good night sleep, so in the morning we can get a early start on looking for the kids"!

"Oh my god you might have read my mind, because that is exactly what I was thinking"!

"Ha, ha very funny, well at least I can see that you sense of humor has returned, now your butt better be right behind me, do I make myself clear"!

"Yes Ma'am very clear, and Pam"!

"Yes Jonathan"?

"I love you"!

"I love you too Jonathan, and don't worry we'll find the kids"!

"I know we will, now let's get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for us all".

As night falls on them, Jonathan straps in her wife, and then himself, and they both fall into a deep sleep. Both have dreams of finding the kids in one piece, and they all make it out alive, but that is the funny thing about dreams, you can dream what you want to believe, but reality is something totally different.

"Ah, what is that? What's going on? Bobby help me, I'm sinking in quicksand, and I can't pull my legs out. Bobby, help me, I'm going in deeper! BOBBY"!!!!

"Sue wake up, you are having a bad dream, Sue"!

"Bobby thank-goodness, you're here, I was sinking in some quicksand in my dream, and you were no where to be found, and the harder I tried to get out the deeper I sank and"

"Sue it's alright, it was just a dream, you're here with me, and monkey, in a tree and you're safe alright"!

"Bobby it was so real, it was like it was yesterday, hey what gives, it's morning! Did you stay awake all night? I told you to wake me, I can keep you safe to you know"!

"Sue, I feel a sleep, right after you did I think, I remember watching monkey walk up to you, and stand over you like he was guarding you, and I remember laughing, and then everything went black"!

"Well we were both really tired, I mean look at the day we had, and we have to keep moving on today, so we can find mom, and dad, and Mr. Migel"!

"I don't know Sue the plane went down pretty far away, and I don't think that we can make it there in one day, but we can sure give it a try"!

"Bobby have you seen monkey this morning"?

"No Sue I haven't seen him since last night, but I'm sure that he is close by. It's still to early to start walking, lets wait until this fog lifts and then we'll get started alright"!

"Well you're the oldest, and you know what you're doing so I guess we wait"!

(As the kids wait for the fog to lift, and leave the jungle, they hear strange noises, and they are worse than the one's they have heard since they have been in this awful horror movie that they are trapped in)!

"Bobby, what is that terrible noise? It sounds like something is dying of something"?

"Sue, I wish I knew what it was, but I do not lave a clue on what it is, and I don't think that we really want to find out"!

"Do you think that mom, dad, and Mr. Migel, found a place to sleep like we did, high in the trees? Maybe we can get started now, but go slow until this fog lifts and goes away"!

"Sue, I sure that mom, dad, and Migel are fine, and yes I think that they had to find someplace high off the ground just like we did. They all know that it wouldn't be save to sleep on the ground in a jungle like this, there is too much danger in here not to get up off the ground! And we don't leave this tree until the fog is gone! I don't feel like walking into some monster that is lurking in the shadows do you"?!

"Of course not Bobby, I just would like to get going that's all, I'm sorry"!

"Pam, are you awake? Pam come on sleepy head it's time to wake up and get started"!

"Oh Jonathan, I had this dream that we crashed in the jungle, and the kids got lost, and, and, Oh god it wasn't a dream we really have crashed in the jungle, and the kids are lost! I, we have got to get started right away Jonathan"!

"Pam, I know we have to get started, but first we have to make sure Migel is alright, and can travel. Migel, how are you feeling today my friend"!

"Mr. Jonathan, Migel feels much better today, no more sick, only much hungry"!

"There you go Pam, Migel is ready to go, and once this fog lifts out of here we can get started looking for the kids"!

"Great, Migel are you sure that you are feeling better, I don't want you getting worse. If we have to wait a few hours until you are better, we can wait, I'm sure that our kids will be fine. It's you that I am worried about"!

"Thank-You for your concern Miss Pam, but I swear to you that Migel is fine, and ready to go. We have to start looking for the children, it is not safe out there and the quicker that we find them the better. I know that you are both worried, I too am worried, but if they are as smart as I think they are they should be fine"!

"Come, on, come on would you lift and get out of here already"!

"Easy Bobby, I want to get started too, but like you said we have to wait to be on the save side"!

"I'm sorry Sue, I guess that just sitting here not being able to get started is getting to me, I just want to get to mom, and dad"!

"I know how you feel Bobby, I want to find mom, and dad just as bad as you do, but we have to be careful"!

"Sue don't get mad, but you don't know what its like. I am the oldest, and mom and dad are depending on me to keep you save! But look at me sis, I'm just 12 years old. Yea I know that we are twins and all, but they are looking for me to take care of you, and I don't even know if they are still alive, and".

(For the first time since this nightmare ride began, Bobby starts to cry. Not because he is scared, but because he is afraid that he might not be able to get his sister out of this jungle alive, and that is what he fears the most)!

"Bobby, please don't cry. I know you want to protect me, and believe me you have done a great job, and yes you are the oldest, but only by 7 minutes. Yes Mom, and dad want you to protect me, but I have to protect you also. After all you are my twin brother, and I love you so much so please don't cry anymore"!

"Oh Sue, it's just so hard, I don't even know if we are going in the right direction"!

"BOBBY STOP IT! If you start second-guessing yourself we will never get out of here. You're doing great, the plane went down in the direction that we are going, and I don't care if it takes forever WE WILL FIND MOM, DAD, AND MR. MIGEL"!

"Thanks Sue, really needed that. I just don't want anything to happen to you that's all, but since you put it like that I feel a lot better. Hey check it out, the fog is leaving. That means we should be able to get started in a few minutes"!

"Jonathan, Migel look. The fog is lifting, we can get started right now"!

"Miss Pam is right fog leaving, but we must wait for fog to get at least 20 to 30 feet above ground"!

"Why do we have to wait for the fog to reach that high Migel"?

"Because Miss Pam, there are things is the trees, and right now the fog is not high enough for us to travel safely. We could walk right under an anaconda, and not even know it until it had us all in it's coils. As the fog goes up, so does the heat, and that means that the spiders that come on the ground at night to hunt will be going with the heat, and the higher the better. Miss Pam has not seen a spider here yet, but if she did she would not forget it ever"!

"Migel, I haven't seen a spider here yet, but the way you are talking you make them sound like monsters"!

"Mr. Jonathan, let me tell how big they can get. I have seen spiders big enough to grab all three of us. There is a story of how a tribe here in the jungle worship spiders, and they sacrifice people to a great spider god. One that is said to be as big as a house"!

"Come Migel you don't believe that do you"?

"Mr. Jonathan, I have seen so strange things here in the jungle, and yes I do believe. 10 years ago a group of 20 people came out into the Amazon and all disappeared without a trace, and when a search party went out looking for them, they found 18 of them wrapped up in some type of thick webbing. The last two they found 4 miles from camp trapped in a giant web with strands bigger than your arm, and the victims had two holes in them. All their body fluids were drained out"!

"Migel, you don't think that a giant spider killed them all do you? And if there was a band of natives out there why doesn't the spider kill them"!

"Miss Pam, I don't know why the spider doesn't kill the natives, but it does not. About the giant spider, I do believe it is out there, because one of the one's killed we my younger brother! I told him not to go, but he said that the money that he was getting paid was too good to pass up"!

"Well if that's the case, I say we wait another 10 minutes, and then get started. If there is a giant spider out there, I don't want my kids running into it, they wouldn't stand a chance"!

"Migel is with you Mr. Jonathan, I do believe that your kids are fine, but the longer we look, the more the dangers grow"!

"Pam, Migel, we leave in ten minutes no matter what"!

"OK Sue, it's now or never. Lets get going"!

"But Bobby what about monkey? We can't leave him here, we just can't"!

"Sue, I told you, that monkey belongs here in the jungle and we can't make him go with us. He knows what he doing, and he'll be fine, now I know it's hard to leave a friend let alone a pet, but we have got to get started"!

"I guess you're right Bobby, I just think of monkey as a family pet and not some wild animal after all he did safe us twice. But you're right we need to get started"!

(As the two kids climb down the tree, and get started walking again, Bobby suggests that they walk around the clearing just to be on the safe side. If anything does happen at least they will have the cover of the trees around the clearing, and won't be standing in the open).

"Come on Sue, I don't want to walking in the clearing at all. If some wild animal comes running at us, I would like at least some kind of cover to protect us"!

"Sounds like a good idea to me Bobby. Do you think that we might be able to find something to eat I'm getting kind of hungry".

"I know Sue, I'm getting hungry too and after we around this clearing we can find something to eat, I promise"!

(It take the two kids, about 25 minutes to get around the clearing. Bobby wanted to be sure that there was no quicksand hiding in the ground around the clearing. As they make there way back into the jungle, Sue picks up a branch about three feet long, and puts it on her shoulder. As Bobby looks at her he ask what's the branch for. Sue tells him, that she has to watch his back, while he watches her front. The two come to a river and as Bobby carefully checks it out for crocs, and snakes Sue sees some banana's in a tree close by. Carefully she test the soft ground in front of her, to make sure that she is not walking into another one of natures death traps.

"Bobby, I found some banana's in the tree here, but I don't if I should try to knock them down or not"?

"Sue, the water is clear of any dangers, and I don't think that spiders would be in a tree this close to the water. I have a feeling that spiders do not like water, so knock them down so we can eat"!

"Alright here goes nothing"!

(Sue let's a rock fly up, and it hits the bananas, and they come falling down to the ground. Sue backs up just in case there are some spiders up in the tree, but nothing came down with the bananas. As soon picks up the bananas and heads back over to Bobby, they sit down and begin to eat them).

"Sue, if we get out of here, the first thing I'm gonna do is not eat another banana again"! "I know what you mean Bobby, I use to love them, but after eating them for two days, I don't want to have another one, and when we get home, I will never ever complain about the food that mom gives us"!

"Dido, on that Sue. I will never complain again"!

(As Sue tosses a banana peel into the stream, they both hear something, and when they both look up, they see the water come to life).

"Bobby what is it? Quicksand? Crocodile? What"? "Worse than that Sue! Piranha"!

"Pir - what"?

"Piranha, Sue. A small, but very hungry fish. They are meat eaters, and can eat a full grown man, in a matter of seconds"!

"So how do we get by them then"?

"I guess that we are gonna have to find some other way to cross the river that's all"!

"That's all Bobby, it looks like this river goes on for miles there has got to be another way, there just has to be"!

"Sue, I don't know, it would be easier to WAIT A MINUTE, I have an idea"!

"Well come on Bobby what is it? Don't keep me in the dark come tell me"!

"Alright check it out, Piranha's are attracted to movement in the water, like a shark, so if we can knock down enough banana's and throw them into the river far enough away from us we can swim across"!

"Swim across what Bobby? You can't mean that you try, and out swim a school of hungry fish do you"?

"Sue that is exactly what I mean. If we go up or down this river we are gonna be wasting more time finding mom and dad, but if we cross here we can save time"!

"God Bobby if we don't get eaten first! I don't think that this is such a great idea. Let's think of something else"!

"Look Sue, I know your scared, I am too, but this is our best shot. I'll go first, and when I get across, then I'll throw some branches and bananas in the river, and you can swim across"!

"Bobby No that's just crazy you can't make that before they find out that you're in the water with them"!

"Sue look I don't have time to argue with you, as long as I don't make to much noise I should be fine. Now come on we have to get across this river"!

(As the two round up as much wood, and bananas as they can find Bobby tells Sue that their best bet would to go down at least 100 yards that should be far enough to get across. As Bobby gets into position, he signals his sister to start throwing the bananas into the river. Sue starts throwing everything that she can into the river, and when she sees the water start to bubbling, she signals her brother to take off swimming. As Bobby walks into the water he feels the ground give way beneath his feet, and then he starts swimming for the other side. It's only 30 yards across the river, but it might as well be 30 miles when you're in water with Piranhas. As Bobby gets 10 yards from the other side he can hear Sue screaming at the top of her lung. As he looks to his left he can see the bubbling water heading straight for him, Bobby pours on the speed and what only takes seconds seems like years. Bobby comes up on the other side of the river, and pulls his feet out of the river just as the Piranhas get there.

"Bobby, and you alright? BOBBY ANSWER ME. BOBBY"

"Cough, Cough, Cough, Sue, I'm alright just a little tired, and scared that's all"!

"You're a little scared? You scared me to death, I thought for sure that the Piranha would get you"!

"Sue if I had to swim another 20 feet they would have. Let me catch my breath, and we'll get you across alright"!

"Bobby, I don't want to do this, I'm scared"!

"I'm scared too, but we have to get you across this river, and I have a plan to do it. We'll do the same thing, but after you get in the river I toss you this vine, and when you grab it I'll pull you, while you swim"!

"Well if there is no other way, then I guess we do it your way Bobby".

(As Bobby starts tossing things into the river the water starts bubbling, and he starts running back toward Sue, and when he is directly across from her, Sue jumps into the river, and starts swimming for her life. As she get in the middle of the river she looks to her right, and can see the water starting to move towards her, and before she can scream, she feels something land in front of her. Bobby has tossed the vine to her, and as soon as she grabs it Bobby starts pulling with everything that he has. Sue knows that she is not going to make it and she just closes her eyes, when something grabs her arm.

"Sue come on get up, you have to get your legs out of the water"!

"OH BOBBY thank-god it's you. I thought that the piranhas had gotten me"!

"Not while I'm still alive they won't. Come on sis, let's go find mom and dad"!

"Bobby can we find a place to rest for a few minutes. I'm kind of tired are that, and it feels like my heart is trying to jump out of my chest".

"Sure Sue we can take a break, in fact you sit here, while I check to see what's up ahead".

"No, we stick together no matter what Bobby"!

"Sue come on take a break, and I'll be right back"!

"NO! If you go then I go too, no butts Bobby, I have to protect you to you know"!

"I know you do Sue, I just oh never mind, if you don't want to take a break then lets go"!

The twins leave the riverbank, and walk into the dense jungle. The sun is trying to make its way through the trees, when the twins hear a noise over head, and when they both look up, they see these vines falling from the trees.

"Sue move"!

Bobby pushes his sister out of the way as the vines fall on him knocking him to the ground. As he tries to stand up, one on the vines comes to life and grabs Bobby by the waist, while another one wraps around his legs. As Bobby looks up he can see that these vines, belong a rather huge looking plant, and from the looks of it, it looks like a much larger version of a Venus Flytrap. The Harder Bobby tries to get free, the harder the vines tighten their grip on him.

"Sue, help me it's some kind of giant man-eating plant"!

"Bobby no, no, Stop it let my brother go right now. Do you hear me, you stupid plant let my brother go now"!

"Sue don't! STOP"!

(Sue comes running up to pull her brother out of the vines, two more drop down and wrap around her arm, and the other grabs her left leg. As she screams in protest she looks down to see that she is being lifted off the ground. As she picks up her head and looks up she can see that she and Bobby are being drawn up into the mouth on the flytrap. The twins struggle to get free, but the harder they try the stronger to grip of the vines. As the two looks up again, they can see to giant mouth of this over sized plant, and they both know that if they get pulled in, they will never get out because of the sticky clear substance that coats the flytrap's mouth that acts like fly paper. As the vines draw the twins in closer Sue screams at the top of her lungs, for help because she knows that she had her brother's back, and she blew it. And for that one mistake they were both going to die!

( To be continued . . . )