This is a page dedicated to my stories featuring quicksand as part of the tale. Most tend to be more melodramatic.  I also will include some of the illustrations that have been done to these stories.

In addition, these stories ARE under my copyright and are NOT to be placed on anyone else's webpages without my permission. Thanks.

"The First Dinosaurs" A humorous tale explaining how aliens came to earth, leading to the first dinosaurs. It features two illustrations, including one by Pete Boggs.

"The Swamp" An excerpt from my book *Tandron*. A chapter featuring, duh, quicksand. One illustration included.

"Mud Wrestling Miss" The lyric to the song I wrote, copyright 1981. It features an illustration as well.

"Quicksand" This is a short horror tale featuring, duh, quicksand, that was previously published in Doppleganger.  It includes a link to where you can hear the story read as well.

"Michelle's Travels". This is a whimsical and allegorical story featuring a woman's misadventures on a deserted island. It includes an illustration by Pete Boggs.

"Eine Reise Durch Die Dschungel". Ah, here's a quicksand tale, very short, in German, which I wrote for a German class years ago.

"Dirty Witch". This is a quicksand tale I wrote for Halloween. In addition, it has an original Pete Boggs' illustration within it.

"A Super Tale". This is my superhero parody story, featuring two delightful damsels in quicksand. It also has four illustrations to it.

"Gilligan's Island: The Lost Episode: Mary Ann's Peril" This is a story by me with a colored illustration by RJL. It features Mary Ann and Ginger encountering a woman eating plant and quicksand.

"More than a Mouthful". A story about a scientist who creates a 'Frankenstein' of sorts. This also features an illustration by QSA.

"Neewom Needs Heroes". This is the third story in a comic book trilogy featuring DC comics Power Girl character. 

"You Can Run, But You Can't Hide". This is an older short story of mine. It is another horror type tale which only has quicksand as a part of it, not the main focus of the story. It also has 1 illustration by Robin.

"James II". An older story of mine, written for a college course. It is not a 'quicksand' story, but has a quicksand scene in it. This is a sci-fi/fantasy story with religious overtones. It also has two illustrations from my friend, Robin.

"Paved with Good Intentions". A story I wrote for a shared world anthology, that to my knowledge, was never published. I've changed a few things since I first wrote it, and while it is not a 'quicksand story', it does feature my fictional character of Kaol and a quicksand scene within the story. 

"The Innsmouth Bog".  Although I wrote this a few years ago, this is the first time I'm presenting this story anywhere.  It is a horror tale with quicksand playing a main role.  This is very much inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and takes place within the mythos he created.  It also features two illustrations by Loch Ness.  

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