Mud Wrestling Miss
Copyright 1981 by Kaol

Oh, my mud wrestling miss
Grease my lips with your wet kiss
Pick me out from among your fans
And rub me with your dirty hands

Slip and slide and turn me on
Soon all inhibition's gone
Glisten and shine for all you're worth
I want you so badly it hurts

(Repeat chorus)

Lying there in the soft clay
I dream of you night and day
I'd love to join you in your pit
And rub you around in it

Excuse me if I have a dirty mind
But a mud wrestling love is hard to find
And I know she's out there
Rinsing the mud from her hair

(Repeat chorus)

Please walk with me down the aisle
In your soft and slippery style
Come to me and hold me tight
And we'll make love in mud tonight

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