Quicksand Goodies Vol. 1

This is something different which I hope will be of interest to folks.  I have assembled a variety of quicksand images and video on a CD (and NOW ON VIDEO AS WELL!), most of which have not been seen previously.  Here's what you will get on this CD:

1. Approximately 230 high resolution photographs from my video shoots, featuring the models Ann Howe, Christy North, Tawny Silver, Kristine Lynn, and more, taken during previously released video shoots.  They are assembled in 8 slideshows and feature original background music by Kaol.  Just click on the .exe file and sit back and enjoy the show, or simply view them individually at your leisure.  Your choice.

2. 460 video captures and animated gifs from my "Sylla" video.

3. Approximately 45 videoclips from such videos as "The Explorer", "Ann in Quicksand 1 & 2", "Quicksand Quad", "Sylla", "Kristine's First Time", "The Lost Pooch" and more, in various formats such as mpg, asf and wmv.

4. 46 pieces of original quicksand art by Kaol himself presented in the slideshow format as an option as well.

5. Last, but most definitely not least, 78 images of 22 commissioned pieces of artwork.  Along with generic damsels in distress, the characters caught sinking include Lara Croft, Elvira, the Dirty Pair, Catwoman, Cavewoman, Black Widow, Jessica Rabbit, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Yankee Girl.  These original images cost over $1000 to acquire, hence you can acquire them for yourself at a major savings and allow further quicksand images to be gathered.  Again, these can be viewed individually or in slideshow format.

All of this can yours for the very reasonable price of $26, including shipping and handling.

The videotape version of this project is approximately 90 minutes in length, featuring all the images in slideshow format with a musical background, and then a transfer of the mpgs to video.

Click here to order!

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Created August 14, 2002

Copyright 2002 Kaolumbia Pictures


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