Just when you thought my pages couldn't get any more off the wall, it's time for:

Just a few little diversions for the quicksand enthusiast who really knows his/her stuff.

First we have WORD SEARCH!

Find the hidden words in the puzzle below. The words may appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally and/or forwards or backwards. If you click on the puzzle, you can get a version that you can print off for yourself. (It saves you getting felt tip marker all over your monitor!)

Word List:
quicksand, quagmire, muck, sump, fen, sinkhole, slime, moor, bog, marsh, Kaol, morass, mire, submerge, messy, deep, swamp, mud, pit, suck.

Now, find the two Pete Boggs illustrations that are exactly the same!

Now, for matching! Match the individual on the left with his web page on the right.

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

Now, for the ultimate challenge, test your
Kaol's Quicksand IQ!

And if you can handle that, then why not try a Quicksand Crossword Puzzle!


Created on October 11, 1997
Updated on October 28, 1997
1997 Kaol

Answers for web page match:

Rob Blaine-----Messy Fun
Ron R. II------Messy Chris Quicksand Art Page
Kaol-----------Ol' Sinkin Hole
Dave Lodoski---Mud Puddle Visuals
Mark Kelly-----Aquatapes
Mud Gecko------Mud Gecko's Home Page
Olboggy--------Quicksand Pile
Michael Mariman----Danger--Quicksand!
Foster---------Old Fashioned Quicksand and Quagmire Page
Mike Disabato--The Quicksand Page
Jiminy Thicket-Jiminy Thicket's Home Page
Derek Jayson---Quicksand Paradise
Rob Frank------CyberWAM Comics
Pete Boggs-----Quicksand Quartoons

The matching pictures are #3 and #5