So why does anyone do this stuff anyway? What could they possibly be thinking about?

Any fetishist does what they do because to them it is sexy. Think about it, why do you go out to dinner, a movie, dancing? Why does he wear that leather jacket? Why does she put on that cocktail dress? Because it's fun and romantic. But what does that have to do with sex? To the average person, everything.

In any society, with any group of people, there is a definite ritual that spells out and symbolizes what takes place between people when they have sex. It is no different with WAMers and other fetishists. Only the symbolism, the language if you will, is different.

Let us explore an example. A woman in western culture puts on a white dress decorated extensively with lace and pearls, possibly including a vale that she wears over her face. She then attends a gathering of people that includes a man that she stands with, dressed in his formal best. Together, the woman in white lace, and the man in formal attire, face a member of some religious denomination's clergy and publicly make vows.

Two questions:

  • A) What are the man and woman doing publicly?