So just who are these guys, and in some cases gals, anyway?

The answers may startle you. They are computer professionals and auto racing enthusiasts. College students and aerospace engineers. Your friend or neighbor, lover or spouse. In short anyone can be a wammer. There are no unusual mental or emotional requirements. No special trauma or event that shapes a fetishist.

In the opinion of this writer, anyone can be a fetishist, because the requisite brain organization that allows humans to function sexually is the same mental wiring that allows the existence of fetishes in the first place.

The following is a list of some of the folks involved in WAM. Wherever possible, I have included links to their web sites, if they have any. Many of these sites include biographies about the authors. The details pertaining to these people will be more or less complete, depending on each individual's needs regarding anonymity. If there is no web site related to a given individual, I have included instead an example of their own self-presentation to the WAM community in the form of messages posted to Wamfanmail.

  • The Artist