Just what is it that WAMers do? What constitutes a fetish, and what makes it WAM?

What WAMmers do varies from a jump in a bog to a pie in the face. For some fetish practitioners, their fetish is an intensely sexual and personal experience, not easily shared or discussed with anyone. For others, WAM is an added playfulness to an already rich relationship.

Some WAMers are content to look at materials related to their favorite topic, maybe saving a favorite set of pictures or collecting movies or cliptapes of a series of movies on their favorite theme. Others dive headfirst into the thick of things, throwing pies, pouring on the gunge, or jumping feet first into their favorite quicksand bog.

Just how many different activities constitute the WAM fetish genre? The WAM fetish genre can be devided roughly into four representative catagories:

WAM Catagories

Wetlook Foodplay Mire Paint
Clothed Assorted food Mud
Fashion Deserts Mud Play
Lingerie Desert Toppings Clay
Nude Pies Deep Mud
Shoes Pie Sitting
Boots Pie Throwing
Stalkings Pieing All Over
Uniforms Slapstick

WAM 101