When is a cigar no longer just a cigar Uncle Sigmund?

So, lets examine some of WAM's images within the context of analytical paradigms.

My favorite Chuck Lang photo

This is a very interesting photo. There's some great psychology here, although probably unintended by the photographer. Is the woman dressed, wearing a bathing suit, lingerie, or naked? Is she frightened or enjoying herself? Is she struggling to get out, or working herself in deeper? The appropriate answer would seem to be . . . what would you prefer?

Remember, the point here isn't just the content of an image, but its symbolic meaning to the viewer.

And speaking of an image's symbolic meaning to the viewer:

Here's an artist's impression of Tarzan and the entire Jungle Adventure genre. It would appear the quintessential image from that genre is the female explorer trapped in quicksand. In the artist's own words:

In virtually every 1950s "jungle adventure"- a woman falls into quicksand, and is rescued at the last moment. Art imitates life. I'm sure there are scholarly works identifying Tarzan and Jane as post-Darwinian Adam and Eve figures, hence the Masaccio "Expulsion from the Garden" image in the corner. In this case, the serpent is a toy, and a rope is being lowered to effect the rescue. I suppose this is "surrealistic."

Take a close look at the artist's "model", and you tell me what he was thinking about.

Who the hell is Ophillia, anyway?

Art imitates fetish?

Bad Camera Angel

Quicksand is by no means the only expression of the WAM fetish.

Here we see the latex fetish mixed with mud. This image was posted on ABEFWAM. I include the comments of both a viewer and the original poster's response.

The question of whether or not the mainstream world should be made aware of WAM has been hotly debated. I submit the debate has become pointless, they already know . . .

Spin City Gets Messy Hercules

Spin City


Tonight Show

Print Media

Spa Magazine

Spa Magazine

Would you believe? Remember, a fetish can involve anything that can come to represent what I describe as a sexual symbol.

What do you think of when you hear the word

Has the word "trample" ever held erotic meaning for you?

From here, the imagery can get a bit more . . . jarring.

Bondage Snakes Quicksand Fetish Gesamt

There are those convinced the quicksand fetish is really a recap of the bondage fetish. This image certainly supports that analysis.

He's eating what?

I don't know, provide your own analysis!

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