I am neither a psychologist, nor a formal student of the discipline. None of my ideas are the product of clinical research.

So why bother with a fetish psychology web site?

I am a student of human behavior. For a good portion of my life, I have been curious as to why people do the things that they do. Why do we love? Hate? Build up? Tear down? Sometimes, it is the behavior of others that puzzles me. More often than not, it is my own. I have explored these puzzles within the context of psychology, and more recently within anthropology. Lately, the puzzle I have been considering is human sexuality.

Since my first experience of viewing a quicksand scene in a Tarzan movie, at maybe the age of four, I have had an unusual fascination with the subject. When I reached puberty, so did this interest. Even before this time, people struck me as more than a little crazy, myself included, and I thought this interest in quicksand was just one more nail in the coffin of my sanity. My basic reaction to the realization that I found members of the opposite sex sinking in quicksand to be erotic, was to file it with the rest of my quirks and ignore it.

By my late thirties, I discovered a penchant for writing, and among other ideas, decided to explore the notion of quicksand and eroticism in a story. While conducting research for this story, I discovered the Internet, and consequently, a group of people so dedicated to the idea that women and quicksand was erotic that they formed a thriving community on the World Wide Web. This sparked my interest in the subject all the more. I was immediately struck by the fact that this wasn't just a kink, it was a phenomena. Thus was born my interest in the subject of fetish psychology.

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