And now to recognize and thank all the folks who have helped with this project; whether or not they actually knowingly did so! :-)

Professor WAM

The Portrait of Sigmund Fraud comes from the illustrious Pete Bogs.


The footprints in sand background is courtesy of Wamsat's own Artist Formerly Known As.

The Artist also provided the site threshold.

The "Under Construction" GIF was created by Gerald R. Buchmann.

[email protected]

This little piece of work is by the immortal Chuck Lang. Chuck was one of the first to photograph and videotape young ladies frolicking in quicksand.

All of the Verra Miles imagery from Tarzan's Hidden Jungle came from Michael Disabato's excellant web site.

One of Kaol's rotating backgrounds!

Another of the backgrounds on this web site is "borrowed" from Kaol's excellent web site. Talk about a serious fanatic, this man has one of the most extensive collections of quicksand imagery on the planet, including RealPlayer files. He has audio clips of women reading about quicksand. He even produces his own videos!

Alas poor Yorik!

I wish I could take credit for Yorik, but alas, I ripped him off from a now defunct "I Hate Macs" web site. Yorik was originally the "Enter" gif. I just thought he was way too cool to pass up. I see him here and there on other web sites now and again.

WAM 101