So what's a Sigmund Fraud?

Hi there. I'll start this bio by telling you what I'm not.

I'm not an anthropologist, psychologist, or a behavioral scientist of any kind. I have no credentials, or formal research to back up the notions I intend to introduce at this site.

What I am is a student of human behavior. My explorations of why humans do the things they do has included anthropology and psychology. My entire life, the behavior of people has always puzzled and fascinated me. My own behavior is included in this puzzle.

Recently, new pieces to the puzzle of both my own behavior, and the behavior of others, have become available for my private philosophical ruminations and research. After a period of six months or so, it has come to my attention that it may be time to "publish" the results of that research; hence this site is presented for your perusal.

So now that I've gone to great lengths to present this discussion in terms of human behavior, it begs the question, why WAM?

As for me personally, I am a 40 year old divorced heterosexual white male. My background includes electronics and audio engineering. I am a short story author, and student of physics.

WAM 101