Welcome to WAMology 101

Unlike the other sites once hosted at WAMSAT, this site is devoted to an exploration of WAM in particular and other fetishes in general as a topic of intellectual inquiry. While there are pictures and other examples of the WAM culture, they are provided within an analytical context only. If you are here seeking an entertaining site, you are about to be disappointed. May we suggest you consult the Mighty Minions of Mire Index for other fine sites within the Wet And Messy genre?

Also, if you are under the age of 18, you will be doubly disappointed. Not only are there no racy or fun pictures at this site, but an adult discussion, such as you might find in a college class on human sexuality, resides herein. Trust us, really boring stuff. Might we suggest you click HERE to exit?

Ah, but if you are at or above the age of 18, and if you ask yourself the question, "Why me? Why THIS?!?" Then this is the place for you. Beyond this most humble of thresholds, we will explore the workings of the human mind and the cultural psychology of WAM and other fetish genres.


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