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Mez Man
Mez Man, who has been a regular on the #WAM_quicksand IRC channel on and off, bares a good deal of his psyche and soul on this Web site. A bio, an announcement of the birth of his first child, and other odds and ends give the site a personal, intimate touch. He's got a slew of "altered" quicksand pics and stories for your Perusing Enjoyment. The pics have a crude yet engaging style that reminds me of some of what I've seen of postmodern art. Well, that's one man's opinion, at least. Take a look for yourself! Also, he's into gaming, so there's some stuff of interest to you gamers out there.

Mud Stud's CLUB MUD
Mud Stud runs a site oriented towards gay men. I'm 98.6% straight, so it's tough for me to judge how well this site will please its intended audience. However, he has still photos, vids and CDs for sale, a Members area, and even personal ads. Looks like there should be plenty of content here if you're interested. Give it a look.

Black Squirrel's Quicksand Story Archive Black Squirrel's Quicksand Story Archive
Head of Continental European Quicksand, German Regional Office, Black Squirrel's Quicksand Story Archive is chock-full of great stories by himself and several others. There's even a very nicely-produced MP3 audio file of the man reading one of Megan's stories (complete with GREAT atmospheric music)! You know, I'm embarrassed to say that this guy, who's German and for whom English is probably his second (or third) language, handles my native tongue better than I do. Große triebsand! Ja!

Seprater's Pit Seprater's Pit
Seprator's exuberant GeoCities-hosted site apparently gets put to bed early quite often due to exceeding the bandwidth constraints imposed by the host. However, get over here early in the day to see his art, quicksand-related photos garnered from here and there, and substantial archive of stories by both him and contributing authors. There's even some diarama (physical model) work in there from QX&3-D! Most unusual! 

Black Squirrel's Quicksand Story Archive Mud Diva's Sloppy Fun in the Mud Website
Mud Diva, noble consort to HottRod, has a new site up featuring several pics of her and H-Rod in latex and mud. Not really quicksand per se, I'm sure they'll have some actual QS pics up here before too long. Certainly looks like they're having a great time here. OK now, put on yer Lloyd Bridges-signature wetsuit and join the fun!