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QSFur's Damsels in Distress
Cartoon Quicksand Pics
If depictions of Quicksand Terror rendered in Cellvinyl paint on acetate are your bag, then you need to rustle your leaves on over here pronto! Quicksand Fur's site has stills and a few vid clips from your favorite animated shows. He seems to be quite regular about the updates, so you cartoon fans have a valuable resource here.

The Old Fashioned Saturday Morning Quicksand Adventure Theater Page
A rollicking good time in written form. Perfesser Fred lays it all out for you, a smorgasbord of quicksand in writing. TV commercial parodies, movie screenplays, Fractured Fairy Tales, short's all here. The man must have an awful lot of time on his hands, or types MUCH, MUCH faster than I do. Plus, he's a regular on the #WAM_quicksand IRC channel, so stop by of an evening and ask him for a 5,000-word plot synopsis of "Tarzan and the Amazons." He'll have it whipped out for you in ten minutes flat.

Stormwind's Women in 
Peril Page
I'm not sure what's going on with Stormwind's site. He's saying that he's got a new Web host , yet nothing shows up there. Current site is just a single page with a couple of graphics and an email link. If I remember correctly, he used to have quite a bit of stuff up, so let's hope he gets the new URL activated.

A new but ambitious site, JC and gal-pal Samantha (Samy) ply the rivers of Ontario, Canada looking for the Deep Gooshy. All the pics are of Samy, who's a "thick" lass (to use the latest hip terminology) but Dead SexAy. Lots of great pics of Samy wallowing and struggling for us. Sadly, JC tells us recently on the splash page that Samy will no longer be available for photo shoots, so he's looking for new female models. Any of you grrls out there up for some muddy frolicking in the Great White North? Give JC a actually looks quite lovely at his shoot locations. And bring back some of that delicious Canadian Bacon, will you?

OlBoggy's Quicksand Pile
and Virtual WAMmers
Discussion Board
He updated! MY GOD, HE UPDATED!!! I've been intermittantly checking this site for the last four years, and it's been pretty moribund, until this July of 2002. I need to go through the site carefully again, so right now I'm not sure exactly what has been updated, but it SAYS it's been right there, so I believe it. Main features: his stories, and a story or two from Wayne Coulter. I really wish he'd get some graphics on the site, but it's still worth stopping in for while you're in the neighborhood. My God, he UPDATED!!!