The Mighty Minions of Mire
Review of Web Sites

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Jiminy Thicket's
Quicksand Home Page
Another stalwart of the fetish, Jiminy is the beloved founder of the late WAMserver, which in its heyday provided free Web hosting to folks who wanted to run their own quicksand-related Web sites. Sort of like a very muddy, dangerous GeoCities (and a lot more interesting on the whole). Alas, you just knew that something that good couldn't last, and Mr. Thicket was forced to give it up when his server provider eventually balked at the bandwidth usage. Well, at least he's still around with his own site and has lately been going on forays searching for new sinking spots in the U.S. southwest. He's got some good erotic fiction here, and an interesting manifesto and explanation of the lure of quicksand (reasons which apply not only to him, for for many of us, as well).

James diGriz is best known as the founder of the #WAM_quicksand Internet Relay Chat channel on the DalNET network. He's also a productive writer and producer of "fakes" (people, typically attractive women, taken from a non-quicksand photo and digitally imposed into a quicksand scene). Also has the distinction of appearing in the National Geographic documentary on quicksand, "Extreme Planet: Quicksand!" (look for it wherever fine quicksand documentary videos are sold). Check out his site...the man's OBSESSED! And whoever did his animated sign and link buttons is a GENIUS!  :-D

Vampiress Kristine's Pictures
Vampy Kristine gained fame and notoriety as a model for Kaol and Duncan Edwards (you can see some of her vid clips on Kaol's site and stills on Edwards' site). Here, she's got a few pics that probably don't appear anywhere else. She doesn't seem to be updating the site much, but also has a Yahoo! Group. Look for it in the Message Board links. In addition, she's got another Web site , but the picture area is dead. Oh, well.

Stuck Girls
Web presence of the inestimable MeerKat, Stuck Girls has, well...girls stuck to/in stuff! And some really nice looking ladies on the site, too. Meer has photos and her own artwork and a bounteous collection of people's stories. Enough quicksand-related things to keep our crowd amused, plus GLUE! How bizarre and wonderful! One look and you might just get really attached to this site. I'm sorry about that. It won't happen again.

Downunder in the Jungle
Nice to see those Aussies having a go at it! Downunder in the Jungle is quite entertaining, with homemade animated quicksand clips and graphic stories with photos of real models in the actual stuff (plus some digitally-enhance "fakes"). The pics alone make it well worth the visit. This guy is productive in the extreme. G'day, Mate!