The Mighty Minions of Mire
Review of Web Sites

Please don't consider this list by any means inclusive or authoritative. I'll try like heck to keep updating and adding to it, but you know how it is on the Web—sites come and go with maddening regularity and unpredictability. So, I'll start with the sites that seem to have staying power and are more well-known and work down from there. Please don't be hurt if your site isn't on here yet...just drop me an email!

Kaol's Ol' Sinkin' Hole
One of the grandaddies...been around seemingly forever in various incarnations on various Web hosts. Chock full o' goodies—drawings, photos, vid clips, audio clips, original stories, from both Kaol himself and a host of contributors. My goodness, the man's a veritable cottage industry! Did I mention that he's got no less than three Yahoo! Groups?  Well, I'm mentioning it. Oh, and he sells his own videos (from "Kaolumbia Pictures"...get it?) on the site. Yen sez: Check it out, Fool!

Mud Puddle Visuals
Another of the "Old Timers," Dave Lodoski has been dishing it up for as long as I can remember (which is about 3.7 years in dog years). Luscious babes in quicksand! Even a couple of honest-to-goodness movie queens (Brinke Stevens, Skylar) and an ex-Playboy Playmate (Tori Sinclair) have graced these hallowed pages. Gosh, and some of us have mundane hobbies like skydiving...

The site is primarily a vehicle for Dave to sell his MPV videos, practically all of which feature the lovelies taking the Ultimate Mudbath. If you're interested in gorgeous women and deadly quagmires, 10 minutes on this site and you'll need to take a cold shower. DAVE, WE LOVE YOU, MAN!

Messy Fun
Messy Fun is the invention of our dear departed friend Rob Blaine (and not of Al Gore, as some have contended), a longtime stalwart of the WAM community who left us in 2000. I can remember coming across some of Rob's model shots back in the Dark Old Days of the Web (early 1996). Little did I realize that one day I'd be chatting and exchanging email with the guy. I sure miss him...

The site is dedicated to beautiful babes getting messy with, well, just about everything—not just mud, clay and quicksand. Listen, if you can ruin a $300 Frederick's of Hollywood silk teddy with it, it's probably being flung around here somewhere. Of course, we quicksand/mud fans just love his vids and stills of the goils in incredibly awesome clay pits (his trademark). And, I'm happy to say, the new owners have tried valiantly to keep Rob's dream alive. Rob's video work was usually quite good, and although I haven't seen the new proprietors' vids, the Web site itself seems to be maintaining the high quality standards that Rob took pride in. In a way, it's inspiring to see one man's strange aspirations give birth to something that outlived him. So long, Old Friend. And good luck to the Next Generation.

The Quicksand Page
Started by The Historic R. Frank and and now under the care of curator guy Micksand, The Quicksand Page is another beacon to Quicksand Seekers everywhere. Even though it's not updated as frequently as we'd like, there's plenty of stuff here to keep us amused visit after visit. Check out the "Myths About Quicksand" and "Facts About Quicksand" areas for interesting, useful information. Plus he's got a nice illustrated list of quicksand scenes in books, movies and TV to keep you spellbound. So enduring and noteworthy than even educational, non-fetish Web sites refer to it.

Mud Lover
"Dedicated to the deep mud experience." Understatement of the century! The guy-loving ladies will probably dig this one, as our hero is a very  handsome young studmuffin who will struggle for you in the Deep Stuff at the drop of a lens cap. And his sinking spots are among the most atmospheric, creepy and forbidding-looking that you're likely to see anywhere. He's got a Members area with premium content for those who'd like to pony up and see his vid clips, plus he sells the videocassette versions. Yet, there's plenty to see for free. Ladies—just don't drool all over your's unseemly.