The Mighty Minions of Mire
Review of Web Communities

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One of the older, more enduring groups (founded by QS/Mud stalwart Ron R. and now co-moderated by "Chocolate Grrl" Crysanna), WAMfanmail not only has stuff for quicksand/mud enthusiasts, but also things of interest to Food Fools and other WAM types. Posts seem to have slacked off a bit over the last year, but this group is still a must-belong, in my opinion. LOADS of goodies in the Files area, not as much in the Photos. Still, you could spend all day here and not see everything there is to see. Hop to it.

2,500+ giddy members, and it's been around seemingly forever. I honestly don't spend a lot of time here, but that's just because I'm swamped (haha). It describes itself thusly: "This forum is for people who are into in wet and messy activities such as playing in food, mud, oil, paint, and water." Might be just your type of place, Bunky.

Chris and HottRod's Quicksand-Mud Group Chris and HottRod's Quicksand-Mud Group
The group home page tells us: "This club is for those interested in playing and sinking in Quicksand and Mud, including all
variations, including, boots in mud, wetsuits, latex, sexy attire, lingerie in mud, rainwear;   Membership is automatic and you are
welcome to post what you like on the photos section.
t." Relatively new group started by Chris (Mud Diva) and her beau, HottRod, in August 2002. Mostly mud pics here, but some of 'em are quite good, with a couple of albums contributed by other members. HottRod also has a couple of groups dedicated to latex wetsuits, and you can probably find the links to those here if you're looking for that sort of thing.

Wet Messy and Muddy Girls Wet Messy and Muddy Girls
This one seems to be a general-WAM-interest site, yet has lots of great pics of women in mud and/or quicksand. Almost 3,500 members, so is probably a pretty jumpin' place, although I personally haven't investigated this group much. WARNING: a bit of hard-core XXX material here and there. Looks like a fun, fun place, with lots of lovely women!

Mud Maids Mud Maids
Loch Ness turned me on recently to this group, which seems to be a female-oriented place where the ladies can congregate with their fetish and enjoy material suited to their interests/sensibilities. Males are allowed, but we guys must email the Moderator first and make an appropriate Love Offering. Maybe I'll mosey on over here pretty soon and whine and beg and wag my tail to be allowed in. Looks like quite an interesting place.