The Mighty Minions of Mire
Review of Web Communities

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Dark Angel and Eric V's relatively new group is "a ‘PG’ list for melodramatic QS themes." Looks like plenty of stuff to keep you interested in the Files and Photos areas, including vids, audio clips, pics and stories. Posts tend to be infrequent. Yen sez: "Look into it."

Sinky Sands of Loch Ness
Artist/Digital Alteration Goddess Loch Ness's brand new group (as of 8/2002) looks to be an up-and-comer. As prolific as Nessie is, you can expect lots of interesting art in the future and her inimitable musings on Life, Quicksand and Everything. You'd better rustle your leaves on over there and sign up NOW!

"A place to share pictures of soft and swampy places." A good resource for you digital artists needing pics of mud and/or quicksand for your next Big Project. A good selection of photos in both the Files and Photos areas. Get here pronto to get just that right pic you need BEFORE somebody else does something fabulous with it!

The Perils of Quicksand
"You walk the swamp, when suddenly you come up on a pit of quicksand. It looks inviting even calling to you. You can't resist. Take the plunge into the forever depths of the lover dark and muddy embrace. Settle in it depth, warm and cozy. Tell the tale before the final gasp of air runs out." Penthrose's Yahoo! Group has a few vid clips in the Files area, and a decent collection of stuff in the Photos area, including some Manga. Not chock-full, exactly, but enough there to keep you amused. Postings are a bit on the infrequent side.

Vampiress Kristine's Mud Club
Another hot place for you to get your Vampy pics, her Mud Club boasts over 2,500 happy, Kristine-kravin' members. As you'd expect, her "real" pics are all over the place, plus there's even some "altered" pics putting her in quicksand/mud scenes she was never actually in. Interesting place, but the posts are infrequent.