The Mighty Minions of Mire
Review of Online Chat Rooms

Online chat is all the rage these days, and as you'd expect, there are chat rooms/channels just for us mud/quicksand devotees. I could use some help from y'all out there...send me your info on mud and/or quicksand-related realtime chat places, and I'll post 'em here. I tend to only chat in one specific Internet Relay Chat channel, but I'll bet there are plenty more rooms/channels out there that I'm not aware of. Email me about it.

#WAM_quickand is the only group chat-channel I frequent these days. It's found on the DALnet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network and you need to have an IRC client program installed on your computer to get there. A little daunting for those who are used to more user-friendly chat technologies like the AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ instant messengers, yet it has its distinct advantages. Several people can be in one channel at the same time, chatting happily away and sharing files with each other. The place has the feel of your favorite hangout after you've been here a while. Attendance ebbs and flows, but I'd encourage anyone who wants to talk quicksand to try to get here if you can manage it. Founded by James diGriz, to whom we all owe a debt of extreme gratitude. Click on the DALnet screen shot here to go to their Web site, where you can download client programs and read the tutorials on IRC. Amusing sidebar: channel regular and bon vivant Crysanna used a database program and a channel-sitting bot to collect statistics about #WAM_quicksand, and you can see a snapshot of channel usage by clicking on my screenshot here and going to her #WAM_quicksand Statistics Web page.