Dear Fellow WAMmers and Poetry Lovers:


('We WAMmed Upon A Midnight Clear')
by Quikmoose

Sandy-in-Quicksand photo by Charles Lang, with thanks to Dave Lodoski:

'Twas the night before Christmas,
  And Sandy was thinking,
  The quicksand is ready,
  And I soon will be sinking.

  So she took off her clothes,
  And hung them with care,
  And stepped towards the quicksand,
  Intrepid and bare.

  When all of the sudden,
  There arose such a clatter,
  She looked in the air,
  To see what was the matter.

  And up in the sky,
  Who should appear?
  But Jolly St. Nick,
  In his sleigh with reindeer.

  He smiled down at Sandy,
  And waved his right hand,
  "Ho, ho, little lady,
  That looks like quicksand!"

  "If you don't mind me saying,
  It looks like great slime,
  So I hope you don't mind,
  If I join you this time?"

  So saying, Santa leaped,
  And sank in to his belly,
  And Sandy then joined him,
  And the pool shook like jelly,

  And Sandy and Santa,
  Say to you with a wink,
  "Merry Christmas to all!
  And to all, a good sink!"