Muckster Mike's Standard Disclaimer

I assure Muckster  Mikeís Notorious All-Quicksand Web-Site that I am at least eighteen years of age.

I am capable of dealing with the highly questionable and sometimes naked content that I will find within these pages.

I agree to clad, half-clad or unclad babes from all walks of life trapped in the wiggling, hungry mire, yelling and screaming as they are slowly sucked under the greedy, quivering lips of quicksand to certain doom.

I am well-anchored in my own psyche. I am secure. I do not become incensed by media violence. I am socially responsible and spiritually serene.

Or I donít give enough of a crap to allow this sleazy site to ruin my day.

If you agree to all of the above...PROCEED.

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