Welcome to my muddy universe!

I was just a little tyke, sitting in front of the family television, garbaging-up to a Tarzan movie, when all of a sudden, Jane took a wrong turn and landed in a big pit of quicksand! I may have been only five years old, but my eyes were glued to every second of her slow and slimy descent.

It was a real old movie and up until that moment, I thought Jane looked too much like my mom, but the second her tits went under, she became the cutest babe in the world! I was hooked on quicksand from that moment on.

Somewhere in this world I got a little sister who I hope never finds this site, because she'll remember me. I used to talk her into "The Quicksand Game". We'd wrap blankets around ourselves and play like we were sinking, sinking, sinking! Come to think of it, I think Little Sis was a wee bit bored with the whole thing, but, you know, I was three years older than she was, and thirty pounds heavier, and I usually got my way!

Then there was the time I stole her Barbie doll and I stuck it in a big bucket full of mud. I was having a high old time putting "Talking   Barbie" in slowly, quarter-inch by quarter-inch, with my G.I. Joe sitting on the edge of the bucket refusing to reach for her skinny plastic arm, but then Sis caught me, and she bonked me over the head with her Chatty Kathy doll, and I pushed Sis to the ground, and then Mom heard the ruckus and sent us both to our rooms without supper. Then Mom made me buy Sis a whole new Talking Barbie,  seeing as Talking Barbie didn't exactly have much to say after that. This was out of my allowance, which was only fifty cents a week. That set me back a long way, and I never touched one of her dolls again.

Now, I remind you, this is an ADULT site. So, don't go wandering around here if you are a kid. I mean it.

I don't know why, exactly. What's better than a bunch of grown adults slogging around in the slushy slimy dirty goop, just like your parents always told YOU not to?

But it's my site and I say who comes in and who stays out. I don't have to tell you why, but I will.

Quicksand DOES something to me. And, kiddo, you are not old enough.

--Muckster Mike