She's cute...she's cuddly...she looks GREAT on Sonar!
Yes, our good friend Loch Ness has graced us here
at the Mighty Minions of Mire with an outstanding
example of her beautiful, erotically charged
artwork and thought-provoking prose.

In addition, we've provided links to areas on
Kaol Sandquk's Kaol's Ol' Sinkin' Hole Web site
where you can peruse more of her wonderful material.

"No Trespassing"
An Illustration and Parable
by Nessie

"Muckster Mike's All-Quicksand Web Site!!!"
An Entire Mini-Web Site
by Nessie

On Kaol's Ol' Sinkin' Hole:

Nessie's stories

'A Quicksand of Correspondence'

'My Quicksand Fantasy'

Nessie's art & photo manipulations:

The Quicksand Art of Loch Ness

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