The Safari Twins



Part 4


"Bobby, I'm sorry I made a mistake, and now we are going to die for it"!!! 

"Sue, you tried and there is nothing wrong with that! I should have been more careful, I should have protected you better, and now I have let you down"! 

"Bobby, it's gonna eat us and no one will ever know we were here. I don't wanna get eaten by some giant plant, I want mom, and dad"!

"Sue, we don't even know if mom, dad, and Miguel are even still alive, and if we don't find a way out of these vines we are as good as dead"! 

(As the plant draws the twins closer to is mouth, the vines start to shake, as the twins look around they can see something that looks like rocks hit the vines, and explode. As the twins look around to see where the rocks are coming from, they can see their friend the monkey throwing them from the side of a giant hill. The plant is shaking harder with every rock that hits it, and as Bobby looks closer at where the rocks are hitting he can see something coming out of the rocks as they explode. Ants, the size of car keys are coming out and stinging the plant because they have been angered by their sudden jolt. The plant vines are slowly brings the twins to the ground, and they are losing there grip on them.

As Bobby looks over at the monkey, he can see that it is standing on a giant ant hill, tossing the angry ants at the plant. All of a sudden the vines let go of Sue, and Bobby, and they fall about six feet to the ground.) 

"Sue and you alright"? 

"I think so Bobby, but I did hit my ankle a little, but I can still walk, and if I have to run I can"! 

"Good. Now lets get out of here, we'll make our way back to the river, and walk down until we find trail to go down. We are not gonna walk into another trap"! 

"OK, Bobby, but what about the monkey? He saved us again, we can't just leave him there, these vines might get him"! 

"I think that when he sees us moving towards the river Sue he will follow us, but just in case, Monkey come on we're safe now, come on we are getting out of here now"! 

(The monkey sees that his friends are save, and makes a mad dash for them and together the three of them make their way back to the river.)

"Miguel, how are you feeling now"? 

"Miguel feeling much better now Miss Pam thank-you" 

"Jonathan do you think the kids are alright? I mean this is a big jungle, and anything could be out there! I just want my babies to be alright"! 

"Look Pam, I know this jungle is big, and the kids are small but Bobby will know what to do, and he will take care of Sue no matter what. I'm scared too, but I can't think the worst, all I can do is hope and pray the twins are alive and well"! 

"Jonathan, I'm sorry it's just that they are both so young, and small in a jungle that shows no mercy for anything or anyone"! 

"Well the longer we sit here the longer it's gonna take to find them so lets get moving! Miguel can you travel now, or do you need some more time to rest"! 

"Miguel ready to go, Mr. Jonathan! I want to find your children just as much as you do, this place bad, very very bad. We have to go around big legs, cannot go through must go around"! 

"Miguel, what is big legs? I don't understand"! 

"Big legs is a legend of a place out here in the jungle that anyone who goes into Big legs land never comes out again! It has been told that there is gold, and treasure a wait those who enter, but of all the ones that have gone in no one has ever come out ever again"!

"That still doesn't answer my question, What is Big legs"? 

"Mr. Jonathan, Big Legs is a spider the size of a house, a very big house! As long as you stay out of it's land you are safe, but if you venture into it's lair, you are done for"! 

"That's all I needed to know, lets get going we have to work our way to the twins now, because if they wander into Big legs country, they are......" 

(Miguel, leads Pam, and Jonathan through the jungle, in the direction on the twins. Miguel tells them a story of his younger brother and how he came to the jungle, looking for the gold but never returned and we Miguel hired a guide to search for his brother, the guide told him, that he would not take him into Big Legs country, because of the rumor that a giant spider lived there and he would not risk his live for some untold riches. They got as far as they could go, and when they came out of the dense jungle, there were bodies caught in something that looked like a giant spiders web. The guide did not want to get any closer, and Miguel didn't either, then they both saw something that chilled them both to the bone. A Spider the size of a three bedroom house moving ever so slowly beyond the webs, as if daring them to come in a try to escape their fate. They both left as fast as they could, but Miguel told himself that one day he would return here to find his brother, and return home with him.)

"Miss Pam, Mr. Jonathan, we stop here! We are very close to Big legs country"! 

"Jonathan, you know I don't like little spiders, I don't know what I'll do if I see one bigger than a house"! 

"Miss Pam, as long as we stay out of it's land we should be alright. At least that is what the legends say"! 

"You mean you don't know Miguel? You mean to tell us that Big legs could be anywhere in this jungle and I do mean anywhere"! 

"No, Miss Pam legend say big legs guard treasure from all who enter, not leave that place ever, only guard from those who mean to steal it"! 

"What about anyone who just happens to wander through big legs country Miguel, does the spider know who is lost, and who is coming to steal"? 

"Don't know answer to question Miss Pam! All Miguel know is that all who go in not come out"! 

"Jonathan, what is that? JONATHAN!!!!!!!!!" 

"Miguel, is that big legs"? 

"Miss Pam, Mr. Jonathan that is big legs!" 

(As Pam screams at the top of her lungs, and her husband looks on in disbelief, they see what Miguel has been talking about, there in front of them less than 100 yards away is Big Legs, the biggest spider that Jonathan, and Pam have ever seen. Pam cant take her eyes off of it as it makes it way closer to them. As they start to slowly back up the spider stops after about 20 yards or so and looks down at the ground in front of it. Then it slowly backs up and stops!)

"Miguel, what just happened? Why did it stop, and back up"! 

"Don't know Mr. Jonathan, I think it might have something to do with the gold, and Big Legs. Maybe it can only go so far, and we are not in big legs country so it see us as no threat yet. Let us make our way very slowly around and get out of here, I do not think that your wife is doing to well"! 

"Pam, how ya doing honey"? 

"Jonathan if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, I would have never believed it not in a million years. Look at the size of that thing, God the horror being trapped in it's web, and watching it come down to get you and OH Miguel I'm sorry, I forgot about your brother, and ..." 

"No need to be sorry Miss Pam, Miguel know that brother is dead, and greed is to blame, all Miguel want is to find body, or what is left of it, and take it home to bury"! 

"Miguel how far do you think Big Leg country is? I mean is it a mile, 10 mile what"? 

"The stories that Miguel have heard are that Big Legs country is from where jungle stops to where mountain begins"! 

"But I don't see a mountain, all I see is jungle, and wait what's that over there"? 

(As Jonathan points over to their left they can see a mountain about three miles away, but as Pam looks to her right see can see the mountains through the haze of the fog. They are only about a mile away give or take. )

"Jonathan look over to the right, I can see a mountain range through the fog, and it doesn't look it's that far away"! 

"Pam, I see it! Miguel what do you think? Can we get through here in one piece of are we gonna have to find some other way"?! 

"Miguel think that we should go back a little ways, and get to the river, and go from there! I will be saver than walking through jungle, and big legs not like water or fire"! 

"How far is the river from here Miguel"? 

"1/2 mile, maybe less"! 

"Pam you heard him lets go"! 

"I'm not turning my back on that monster, I don't think that it is confined to just that back of the jungle, and I don't want to turn around and find that thing on top of us"! 

"Pam, if it were going to come get us don't you think that it would have already tried to do so"? 

"Well, I guess you're right, but oh never mind, lets get back to the river"! 

(As the three of them make their way back to the river, Pam hears something, and turns around to see what it was. As she looks back she can see Big Legs slowly turning around and is making it's way back to where ever it calls home.)

"Bobby, do you think that we have come down far enough yet? I don't like walking out in the open, and I don't like walking near this river either"! 

"Look Sue, I don't like much either, but I have to be sure that we can see what's coming at us. I don't feel like stepping into some more vine traps."! 

"But Bobby we could be walking into some kind of other trap, like quicksand or something! The rivers here are known for having quicksand on them"! 

"Sue, I would much rather deal with quicksand than giant people eating vines, spiders, ants, or whatever else is in this jungle! I just want to find mom, dad, and Miguel, and get out of here in one piece"! 

(The twins make their way down the side of the river, when they both see a clearing up ahead. As they both start running for it the monkey starts jumping up, and down like there is danger there. Bobby stops running, and looks back a the monkey and calls for Sue to stop right where she is.) 

"Sue stop! I don't know what's up with our monkey friend, but he ain't acting right"! 

"Bobby what do you think is the matter with him"!? 

"I don't know Sue, but whatever it is he doesn't like it, and he hasn't been wrong yet! Lets just see what is in that clearing" 

"Bobby your not gonna go in there are you"? 

"Oh no Sue not me, and not you! Lets find a branch or some kind of stick to toss in there, and see what happens"! 

(As Bobby, and Sue look for something to throw onto the clearing the monkey finds a branch, and gives is to Bobby who looks at the monkey in shock.)

"Sue the monkey gave me a branch, now stand back while I throw it to the clearing, and get ready to run at the first sign of trouble alright"! 

"Whatever you say Bobby"! 

(Bobby lets the branch fly, and as it hits the clearing they see what the monkey saw, a giant spider the size of house was on top of the branch as soon as it hit the ground. And then it put all of it eight eyes on the twins, and there little friend. Sue screams at the top of her lungs, and Bobby turns to make sure that his sister is alright, and when he turns back around to see where the spider is he can see that it is turning around and going back into the dense jungle.) 

"Bobby, did you see it? Did you see that thing? It was huge, that was the biggest spider that I have ever seen! Even the movies couldn't have made it that big"! 

"Yes, I saw it Sue, and I don't know why it didn't come get up but I do know that it did see us, and I know it heard your screaming! I just don't know why it didn't come and get us"! 

"Bobby, please don't tell me that we are going to try, and go that way! You know I don't like spiders, and that one is a monster, we couldn't out run that one like we did those other ones! It's too big, and god only knows if there is more of them in there"! 

"Sue, we are not going in there, not now not ever I will not endanger you, I know my limits, and that spider was well above them. We just have to find someway around it that's all"! 

"But Bobby, if we don't go through the clearing that means we have to go back the way we came, and I don't want to get in that water again, not with those fish again"! 

"I don't think that we have much of a choice Sue, it's either cross the river, go back to the man eating vines or hey what's that"! 

(As Bobby points to the ground near the trees Sue turns to see what he is talking about. There on the ground is a back pack and what looks like the remains of a body! As Bobby moves closer to it, he can see that it is a body, or what is left of one most of the flesh has been eating away by what god only knows. Bobby slowly reaches for the back pack, and takes it off the body of whoever that was.

Bobby opens the back pack, and finds a map, and a personal journal of Carlos, Miguel's little brother as Bobby starts to read it to himself Sue asks him to read it out loud.) 

"Bobby, what does it say, and who is that"? 

"Who that is I don't know, but this journal is from someone named Carlos, and it the following reads 

"After six days out here in the jungle we have found the legend of Big legs, and we are going in at first light! We have talked it out, and we will attack in three different groups, each will attack big legs, and then retreat until it is dead them we will go in and get the treasure, and return home. I will buy my mother a nice home, and buy my brother Miguel a new plane. He has had the same beat up old plane for too long, I worry about him every time he goes up in that thing, but after we kill big legs, and get the gold we will all be set for the rest of our lives. 

Something has gone wrong our plan didn't work, and now most of the group is dead! I fear that we are all going to die. I can hear screams coming from the jungle, but cannot see anything, because of the trees. I hope that they did not suffer to badly! At first light I will try, and make it to the river, and get out of here. I don't need gold this bad! Too many people have died out here today, and I want no part of this anymore. 

I almost made it to the river, and freedom but I was shot in the back by Mark who was traveling with me. Big Legs was coming after us, and Mark turned to shoot at it, and when he turned back around to catch up with me, he ran right into a giant web, as I came back to help him Big Legs was almost on top of him, I got scared and turned to run away, and that is when Mark shot me in the back, I know that I am going to die out here, and I hope and pray that someone someday finds this journal, and reads it. I feel so tired right now, I know that death is right behind me, but I must finish this before he can catch me. To anyone that is reading this I want you to know that there is more than One Big Legs, as far as I can tell there are..............." 

"Bobby why did you stop reading"? 

"Because there was nothing else left to read Sue, I guess Carlos died before he could finish his sentence"! 

"Big Legs, more than one! Bobby what do we do"? 

"Sue first of all we have to get as far away from here as we can! I don't know how many giant spiders there are, but I do know that I don't want to see anyone"! 

"But where do we go from here? Big Legs could be anywhere out there"! 

"Sue look at this! It's a map of the jungle, and if it's right it shows us a way out of the jungle, and around Big Leg Country"!

"Miguel, how much farther do we have to go, I mean are we out of big legs country yet"! 

"We need to go another mile or so to be of the safe side Miss Pam, Me not want to go up against Big Legs with no gun"! 

"Don't you mean cannon Miguel? From what I saw, we would need nothing short of a tank to hurt that thing"! 

"Spider big, but spider can be hurt, but if not need to hurt spider why hurt spider"? 

"Miguel, because that thing is a monster, and..." 

"Pam, Miguel is right if it's not hurting us why should we want to hurt it? I'm not after it's gold, all I want is to find the twins and get out of this nightmare"! 

"Jonathan, I don't like to hurt or kill things either, but those things are dangerous"! 

"Pam, that's what people thought about whales back in the day, and they went out and killed thousands of them! Then someone figured out that just because something is big doesn't make it dangerous, if that were the case the world would be a dead world, everything killing everything that was bigger than it was"! 

"Mr. Jonathan, is a very wise man, Miss Pam. Why kill when you don't need too"!? 

(As the three make their way down the side of the river, they hear a strange sound, and as they slowly make their way through the trees to see what it is they can see two small children, and what looks like a monkey across a small stream.)

"Jonathan, it's the twins"! 

"Pam wait"! 

(As Pam takes off running, calling the twins name, Sue looks up and sees that it is her mother, and takes off running to meet her. As the two of them hit the shallow steam neither one of them feel the ground shake beneath them until it is too late.)

"Mom, my feet are stuck, and I think that I'm sinking"! 

"Jonathan, help there's quicksand here, and I can't reach my baby"! 

"Bobby, are you alright"? 

"Yea dad, I'm fine, but what about mom, and Sue, they are out to far to reach, and the ground on this side is too soft for me to try, and reach them"! 

"You stay there, and I'll try, and reach them from this side" 

(Jonathan, and Miguel, make their way to the river, only to find that the ground has turned into a giant area of quicksand. Pam's running over it cracked the hard covering over it, and made it all soft again.) 

"Bobby, we can't reach them from this side either, there has got to be a way to reach them"! 

"Mommy, please to let me die in this stuff! Help me"! 

"Listen Baby, you have got to try and be very still, your father, Miguel, and Bobby will think of something! Jonathan, please think of something in a hurry. This quicksand is hungry, and a lot softer than the other stuff that trapped me"! 

"Pam try not to move around to much, I'll think of something! I don't know what but I'll think of something"!

(Jonathan turns to ask Miguel a question, when the jungle floor begins to shake and rumble, and before Jonathan can turn back around he hears his wife scream at the top of her lungs, and he knows that it can only mean one thing.) 

"Dad, it's Big Legs, and with mom, and Sue trapped they are sitting ducks for it"! 

"Miguel what do we do? I am not gonna let my wife, and little girl get eaten up by some over grown spider"! 


(Jonathan, Miguel, Bobby, turn to see who said that, and standing on the trail behind Big Legs, is native chief with a tattoo of a spider on his chest. The chief tells the spider to help the girls out of the quicksand. The giant spider walks to the edge of the river, and extends one of it long legs towards Pam, and Sue.)

 "Tell your wife, and child to grab hold to it's legs, and it will pull them to safety"! 

"Who are you, and..." 

"There will be time to explain later, right now your family is in danger. They will not listen to me, but they will listen to you"! 

"Pam, you and Sue grab hold of the spiders leg and it will pull you out"! 

"Daddy, I'm not touching that thing"! 

"Jonathan, I will not grab it..."! 

"Now listen you two, I can't reach you, Bobby can't reach you, it's either grab that leg, or die! Now do it"! 

(Pam and Sue reach out, and grab hold of the spiders leg, and them begin to feel themselves being pulled out the quicksand, and over to hard ground. The Chief tells the spider to help Jonathan and Miguel over to the other side, and the spider does what it is told. Once everyone is together on the other side of the stream, the chief tells them what they need to know!) 

"I am chief of the spider gods. I watch over the gold in the valley, and make sure that it stays safe"! 

"Chief, my name Jonathan, and this is...." 

"I know who you all are, this is your wife Pam, Your children Bobby, and Sue, and your pilot Miguel! I have been watching you all since you have entered the jungle"! 

"But how did you know our names, and how have you been watching us"! 

"I have many eyes out in the jungle, and they have kept me informed of you whereabouts! You see I am what you might call a god here! I take care of the ones that need help, and take care of the ones that try to kill, and steal, for their own greed"! 

"Miguel, before I forget, we found a journal, on a body over there. I think that it might be your brother's"! 

"Miguel, it is your brother's, and yes that is his body over there. He was one of the men that entered this valley, in search of gold and treasure, but as the men attacked by friends here, I could see that he had no heart for killing, and only wanted the gold to help out the ones that had been kind, and helpful to him. I told my spiders to kill everyone but him, let him leave unharmed, but something happened, and he was shot in the back, and when I found that he was shot I hurried here as quick as I could, but by the time I reached him, he had already died! I wish that he could have made it out alive"! 

"My brother was shot in the back! I would like to take what is left of his body home, and give it a proper burial"! 

"Yes by all means I will have Big Legs, as you call them, spin a web around the body so you can carry it easier"!

 "Chief, I don't mean to be rude, but how do you live out here with these giant spiders, don't them get hungry, and don't you fear that they might turn on you while you are sleeping"! 

"Bobby, I am their chief they would not turn on me for you see I am one of them, I am a Big Legs! In fact I am the biggest one of all, but with great power comes a greater responsibility! We do not kill unless we need too, and we do not leave this valley in spider form! That is you three saw me turn around and go back into the jungle"! 

"That, was you back there? You were that big spider that we saw"? 

"Yes Pam, I was that spider you saw, and might add that your screams can hurt someone's ear drums"!

"My god that really was you"! 

"Yes Jonathan, it was and if you promise that you will not try to steal the gold from this valley, my tribe, and I will show you the way out of here, and back to what you call home"!

"Excuse me Mr. Chief, can you tell me how you change from spider to man"? 

"Sue, I do not know how to explain it, but I can show you, just please do not scream like your mother"! 

"I promise"! 

"Mom, will you close you eyes, I don't want you to scream and hurt the chief ear drums again"! 

(Pam closes her eyes, and the chief takes a few steps backwards, and touches his chest, and the tattoo of the spiders begins move on his chest, and in less than minute, the chief has changed into the biggest spider that anyone has ever seen. As Pam opens her eyes she gets a good look at the chief, and then she shuts her eyes once again.) 

"You may open you eyes now, I am back to my human form now"! 

"Chief I don't know how you did it, and I don't think I want to know, all I do know is that was wild"! 

"Bobby, I do not know what this wild thing is you speak of, but I take it that means good"? 

"Something like that"! 

"Good, I will have my people wrap up Carlos' body, and we can show you the way home"! 

(The chief turns around, and begins to speak as if to no one, but after he speaks the jungle in front on them becomes alive with movement, and they can all see spiders of all different sizes moving around. After about five minutes of moving about the spiders move back off into the jungle, and disappear.)

"My tribe will show you the way out! Do not stray from the path, and do not attempt to pick up any gold. Do you understand"? 

"We understand Chief! When we need to take a break for food or go to the bathroom"? 

"Tell them what you need, and they will see to your needs"! 

"Understood chief, Thank-you, and don't worry we won't tell anyone anything, and even if we did no one would believe us ever"! 

"I know you won't tell anyone, I have seen the future, and you are people of your word. If you are ever in this part of the world stop by, and look us you. It is always an honor to have friends stop by"! 

"Thank-you chief we just might do that someday"! 

(As the five of them plus a little monkey make there way through the jungle, on the way home the chief turns around, and see a small girl coming towards him!) 

"Father do you think that was wise to let them all go"! 

"My child, they mean us no harm, and after all I could not have the tribe kill the boy that will becoming back here in 20 years to marry you now could I"? 

"I guess not father"! 

"Have faith my child, they are good people just wait and see"!