The Texas Deep Mud/
Quicksand Expeditions!

Well, about 2 years ago, I decided that I was tired of hearing about other people having a great time finding deep mud and/or quicksand, and that something must be done about it...hence, the series of explorations documented on these web pages. I'm going to warn you right now that you may very well be disappointed by what you find here. Like everything else in life, nothing is guaranteed!

However, if you are fascinated by history, wildlife and the Great Outdoors in general, you may find this little exposition worth your time. I have been enthralled by the State of Texas since I moved here back in 1982. I can only feel a little guilty that it's taken me all this time to get out there and stomp around on that part of it not covered by civilization!

Rivers in Texas are somewhat rare, and almost always very interesting. Most of the state gets quite dry during the summer months, and when I first came here I was amused by what Texans would call a 'river.' To me, some of them were little more than what we Northerners called a 'creek' ( or 'crick,' depending on your pronunciation). And, it seemed that about half of them would totally dry up during the heat of July and August.

However, when the water level is low, the rivers and riverbeds are much more accessible, and the nearby Brazos River in Parker and Palo Pinto Counties in north central Texas (due west of Ft. Worth) always looked quite intriguing to me. So, I began exploring the Brazos and some other interesting spots in mid-July 1999.

The following is a record, in chronological order, of our journeys...

1999 Expeditions

2000 Expeditions

2001 Expeditions

2002 Expeditions

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