The Brazos River Expedition of June 7, 2001:
Oaks Crossing (Palo Pinto County)

This is the same spot as my very first expedition in 1999. Even when I'm not all geared up for quicksand hunting, I'll come back here again and again because it's such a nice place. Other folks think so, too, and on any given summer weekend day you can find a dozen or more folks frolicking in the Brazos right where Oaks Crossing Road dead ends in the river.

A telephoto shot looking downstream (south) from where Oaks Crossing Road meets the river. Even though this is a popular swimming and fishing spot, I keep coming back  because the Brazos is quite lovely here and I always have a good time taking pics and swimming in the languid deep spots.

If you go about 3/8ths of a mile downstream from the crossing, you'll round a nice little scenic bend with rock outcroppings on the south bank, and a largish sand bar on the north side. A couple of gooshy places are here, but I've never found anything deep. When you get to the end of this sand bar, you've got to ford the river catty-corner for about 150 feet to get to the next sand bar, on the opposite side and downstream a piece (be careful...the water gets over five feet deep here).This particular sand bar has always fascinated me...

The Gooshy Bar. I can't explain this place, and it annoys the HELL out of me...

This sand bar, which I call the "Gooshy Bar," typically has a length of quicksand anywhere from three to ten or more feet across, running a HUNDRED OR MORE FEET along the river's edge. Think about this for a moment: a patch of quicksand that's about, I'd guess, 500 square feet in area...yet seems to NEVER get deeper than about four inches! It drives me NUTS!

In my rational mind, I know that this happens. But still, when you're hot on the chase all over this %#$*#! sand bar, and it LOOKS so damned inviting everywhere, and you're running back and forth across it like a beagle chasing a rabbit—you just can't help but feel a little crestfallen after you've spent fifteen minutes and run your little self to exhaustion carefully testing EACH and EVERY square foot. Oh, well. Such is life.

Anyway, I left early enough to explore a creek just a couple of miles away, and the next expedition details that little excursion.

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