Wrapup of the 2001 Expedition Season

2001 was a lot more fun than either of the two prior seasons. As we got to know the Brazos River better, my trek companion and I started taking side-trips up the larger tributary creeks and to less accessible areas. I was surely learning both the river and the ropes, and was better able to find more interesting spots in this one year than in both prior years combined. Still, I hadn't found the really omenous, Deep Gooshy Places that I'd always heard about. I was coming to the conclusion that most of the Brazos was pretty tame in this regard. Still, I'd always approached my river expeditions with a dual purpose: to explore for mud and quicksand and to do nature photography. So, no expedition has ever really been a "bust" in this sense.

Yet, I had a new goal for 2002: the Red River. We had been determined all along to explore this largest of Texas rivers, and I was determined that this upcoming season was when we would finally begin doing so!


Next Up: the 2002 Season!