by Kaol

Justin glanced over at his wife as they drove along the road. He gave her a smile, but it was more a smile for himself as he considered just how lucky he was. It was not the first time he had reached this conclusion, and he suspected it would not be the last. Lori was as beautiful now as she was when he had married her three years ago, and he was just as much in love with her as well.

Her hair was a strawberry blonde, cut shoulder length and curled under. She looked back over at him, green eyes sparkling, and gave a wide smile, dimples showing. She was dressed comfortably but attractively this afternoon, wearing a lime green cotton shirt that stretched snugly across her breasts. She wore denim shorts, her tan thighs emerging tantalizingly from the fabric. It was all Justin could do to keep his eyes on the road.

Justin slowed the car and took a turn onto the gravel road. Clouds of white dust appeared in his rear view mirror as the car chugged and bumped along the makeshift road. High weeds sprouted on either side of the path, towering at least as high as the car. Above, however, the sky was a soft blue with scattered clouds. Justin smiled again.

Lori reached over and let her arm drape over the car seat. Her fingers casually began teasing his hair, gently stroking it in an almost absent, casual manner. She looked over at him, smiling again, and Justin felt his heart rate shift up a gear. It was hard to control his excitement.

His eyes scanned the road for the appropriate location. He'd only been out here a couple times before, this location suggested by a friend, and he didn't want to drive by. He saw a bit of an indentation in the weeds as if a path had been made there, and applied the cars brakes. The cloud of chalky dust left by the car caught up with them and swept over the car.

"Here we are," Justin announced, turning off the ignition. His own smile felt nervous, excited, and he hoped he wouldn't appear too anxious about this whole thing. He really didn't want to blow this.

"Great," Lori replied, and Justin thought that if she had any second thoughts about this venture, she certainly wasn't showing them.

"Great," Justin agreed, but at that point he would have agreed with almost anything she said.

Justin hopped out of the car and opened the back door, pulling out a picnic basket and a blanket. He moved to the path and Lori followed readily behind him. "This way," he said. "Just follow me."

Lori only smiled in return, brushing some hair out of her eyes, and did as he suggested. The weeds and brush crackled beneath their feet as they pushed their way through towards Justin's site. It was hot out, but not unbearably so. Still, they had both worked up a slight sweat when they came upon a beach of sorts. There was a tiny pond, probably no more than 50 yards across, hidden by the various weeds and cattails, and around it was a dark brown beach. It looked more muddy than sandy, but was dry at the rim of the brush. "Here we are," Justin announced.

"Very private," Lori replied, head slowly turning as she took in the scene.

Justin set the picnic basket down and flipped out the light blue blanket he had brought along. He lifted the basket and set it down in the middle and opened it up. Sitting down beside it, he first lifted out an aromatic candle and set it down beside the basket. With a lighter, he lit it, and the scent of bayberry began to waft up slowly.

Next he removed a still cool bottle of Chablis. Two fluted glasses came next, though it was hard to balance them on the uneven surface of the blanket. Lori sat down then, eyes wide and eager and held the glasses still for him.

"Thanks," he said, and poured the pale amber liquid into the two glasses. She held his hand steady and lifted her glass up to her lips to sip. Reaching into the basket, Justin next removed a bunch of grapes and set them on a plate. Next to them he set down a box of crackers and a tray of cheese slices.

"Looks delicious," Lori offered.

"Not much," Justin replied. He lay down close to her, propping himself up on one elbow and took a glass. "To us," he said, clinking his glass lightly against hers.

"To the mud," she replied with a mischievous look in her eyes.

It was hard to swallow his drink when she said that. Even her saying it was exciting to Justin, and here she was about to actually experience playing in the mud with him shortly. Although they'd been married several years, it was only in the past 6 months he'd gained the courage to bring up to Lori his fascination with quicksand and mud. Lori, always tolerant, had listened attentively, but had never expressed a great desire to try it herself. But when summer rolled around, she asked him out of the blue if there were any places where they could try it out together. Justin hadn't known of any, but worked quickly to find one. He had, and now, there they were.

They had a relaxed, leisurely lunch together, lying there in the sun. Bites of food and swallows of wine were exchanged in equal proportions with kisses and caresses. One glass of wine was followed by another, the tart flavor sweetening their kisses.

Shortly thereafter the food was pushed aside and Lori found herself wearing more than her outfit as Justin climbed atop of her. Her cheeks glowed from the flush of the wine and Justin's attentions. It was all he could do not to tear off his clothing and have her right there, but he hadn't come here just for that. "Are you ready?" he asked her quietly, his face inches from hers.

Lori nodded, raising her head to plant another kiss on his lips. "More than ready," she replied.

Justin sat up on his knees and pulled her up with him. Standing, he kicked off his sneakers and stepped off the blanket. Lori's sandals slid off and joined his on the blanket. She stepped onto the dirt with him. "You're sure this is safe?" she asked, expressing her only sign of hesitation thus far.

"Totally," he assured her. "You know I wouldn't do anything to put you in jeopardy. It's completely safe."

Lori nodded as if that was all she needed to hear. Her hand reached down to take his, however, as they walked towards the pond.

As they moved forward, Justin noticed that the mud under their feet allowed them to sink only slightly in, so that the dark substance squished between their toes. Yet the surface felt less solid than that, and Justin noted, not for the first time, that it felt as if he was walking across a water bed. It looked like it too, he noted, as the ground seemed to dip beneath their feet and then undulate in small waves away from them.

"This feels weird," Lori said, giggling nervously.

Justin smiled back. "You scared?"

"A little," she said. Again, nervous laughter.

"You're doing fine," Justin said, continuing to walk forward. She kept up with him, staring down at her feet as if not believing the sensations they were sending her. Her toes wiggled slightly as she walked, squishing ribbons of dark earth between them.

"This feels weird," Lori repeated.

Justin said nothing, slowing to a stop. They were now about 15 feet from the pond, and as they stopped, their bodies began to slowly settle into the muck. Lori's hand squeezed his and her eyes were wide and excited. "We're sinking!" she said.

"Yeah," Justin agreed nodding. "That's what happens when you get into mud like this."

Lori glanced down at her feet. She could not see them now, as they softening earth had covered them. Her toes continued to wiggle beneath the surface, however, and she looked back up at Justin. "This feels sorta neat."

Justin thought so too, and enjoyed watching her as she experienced this sensation. He watched her legs as she gently and slowly moved them up and down. As they came up, her skin was shiny with the dark mud before plunging back in deeper than before. The ground was continuing to shimmy and shake around them, and watching it move about her was quite exciting. He hardly noticed his own gradual submersion, so intent was he on hers.

The mud was up past her knees now, when suddenly Lori cried out in surprise and sank in to her thighs. Laughing, she brushed her hair aside and looked up at Justin. "What just happened?"

"Nothing," he said. "You just broke through a layer in the mud. It should be pretty much bottomless from here on in."

"Bottomless!" Lori squeaked. "Don't tell me that! This isn't quicksand is it?"

Justin shrugged. "I don't know. I don't think so. This is more mud than sand, but it works about the same, I think."

"Wow," Lori replied, continuing to pump her legs up and down. It was almost up to the bottoms of her shorts, and Justin watched as if hypnotized as the mud moved towards her crotch. "This feels great," she said, as if surprised. "It's just really cool and soft. It's hard to describe it."

"I know," Justin agreed, noting the sensations himself. He was getting very turned on now, and wondered if Lori felt anything comparable.

Lori began bucking her hips back and forth as if trying to squeeze into too tight jeans, and the mud squelched and squished about her as she did so. Slowly her hips descended into the mud and yet she continued moving, working her way in deeper. She glanced over at Justin and grinned. "How deep do you want me to go?" she asked.

"As deep as you want, I guess," Justin replied, though he wanted her to go much deeper than this.

"Race you!" she said with a mischievous wink and began frantically moving her hips back and forth. The mud heaved and made rude noises as she tried forcing her body ever deeper. Justin grinned back and accepted the challenge, copying her movements. It would be a good contest. Justin was bigger, and so had the weight advantage to push him in. Yet by the same token, Lori was smaller and had less area to cover.

Justin watched, excited beyond words as he watched Lori's breasts jump and squirm beneath her top as she worked her way in farther. They were just above the surface of the mud now, and he suddenly longed to be this bog, about to touch those delightful crescents.

"I'm kicking your butt!" she huffed, sweat dripping down her face, but a big grin plastered there.

"Only in your dreams," Justin called back, though he knew it was true. He was too preoccupied in watching her to give up a big fight. He could see her nipples standing up through her shirt and was excited to think she was excited as well. The wetness of the mud crept up her shirt inches ahead of the mud, and her breasts were now half-submerged.

As he moved himself down, Justin also began moving himself closer to Lori. She held her arms out to him, and he pulled her closer, forcing aside the thick mud as best he could. They were both nearly armpit deep now, and Justin leaned forward to plant a kiss on Lori's open mouth. Her eyes closed in response and her tongue darted between his lips. Justin slid his arms into the mud behind her, sliding them along the surface of her body. His hands slid over the lubricated curve of her bottom and squeezed.

"This is great," Lori purred. "It's not what I expected at all."

"Good," Justin said, eyes only inches from hers. "I thought you might like it after all."

"Oh yeah," she agreed. "It's like being held in a big, wet hug." She pushed her body up closer to his. He felt her pelvis rub against his own and knew she would feel the hardness. "I can see you like it too."

"Oh yeah," Justin replied before planting another kiss on her lips. One hand slid up the side of her body and cupped a breast beneath the surface. She pushed it into his hand and moved her mouth as if to swallow his face.

Justin lost track of time as their hands and mouths worked over one another. It felt cool in the bog and very freeing. In spite of the fact that he was held captive in one sense, in another it felt like flying, being suspended over solid ground.

At last, be spotted with mire, Lori rested her chin on the surface of the bog, as they were both now neck deep in the mud pit. "That was great, but I suppose we need to get back. Besides, there are some things we still haven't done that we need to be out of here to do."

Justin simply nodded, happy.

"So, how do we get out of here?" Lori asked.

Justin gave a shrug beneath the mud and it rippled about them. "I'm not sure, but I think we are going to have a lot of fun trying."

Once this might have frightened Lori, but now she simply grinned back. "I'm sure of that."

 copyright 1997 Kaol


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