by Kaol


Alice stared at herself in the mirror. It had not seemed so many years ago that she had stepped through a mirror not so different from this one. What an adventure that had been! She smiled fondly at the memory and tentatively put out a hand to touch the mirror. It was solid and cool beneath her fingers. Alice felt a momentary tug of disappointment whenever that happened. It had been oh so long since she'd had a wonderful adventure of that sort, and before long she feared she'd be far too old for more such adventures.

For today was her 18th birthday, and Alice was officially an adult now. The thing was, she didn't necessarily feel any different than she had the day before. Certainly her interests were changing, just as her body had, but there was still a little girl inside of her that liked to run through a field full of wildflowers chasing butterflies as though they were escapees from an asylum. She had the notion that now that she was an adult she was expected to put aside such fancies and become more serious and read history texts and the like.

"Well, I may not be able to stop growing older," Alice said to herself, staring at her image in the mirror. "But they can't make me like the rest of them."

So saying, Alice walked over and sat down in her favorite rocking chair. She began to absently rub her pussy (named Dinah) as she considered things. "You know, Dinah," she said. "It's really important that we have one last adventure today. I do not want to take the chance that we can never see another magical place again."

Dinah said nothing in reply, but pushed her fur harder against Alice's fingers.

"Mmm, you like that, don't you, Dinah?" Alice murmured. "Certainly we can find some secret passage. Oh yes, and then we can avoid that dreadful business about being an adult and all the nonsense that goes with it. I mean, who really cares which fork I eat my salad with? I certainly don't!"

Dinah, naturally, said nothing, not wanting to stop Alice's regular stroking.

Yet Alice leaped up suddenly, sending Dinah tumbling to the floor, and dashed to her dresser. "I know! We will go on a special trip today. I know it, because I want it! I want to see Queens and Hatters and all the like. I'll sneak away!"

Alice grabbed some white knee socks and pulled them up her shapely calves. Hurrying to her closet, she selected a blue and white dress much like the ones she had favored as a child. "Maybe if I dress the part," she said to herself (as Alice still much favored her own conversation...that had not changed), "I will be able to more easily find a rabbit's hole to fall into."

She found a black ribbon and tied up her hair, and slid on some black, shiny shoes. Walking back over to the mirror, Alice considered the end result. She did not look quite the child she once had, her bust and hips had filled out too much for that, but the look did take her back a few years. Alice clapped her hands with barely controlled enthusiasm. "Oh, if the White Rabbit could see me now, I'm sure he'd invite me to tea," Alice exclaimed, quite correctly.

Alice sat on her bed, trying to decide her next course of action. How could she find her way back to a new and magical land? The mirrors did not work for her any longer; she had tried every single one in her home years ago. A rabbit burrow might work, but how would she find one on such short notice?

As she considered this, Alice began humming a little song to herself as she stretched out on her bed. It was not exactly an original tune, and not exactly one that would get her sued for copyright infringement. As she was humming she found her eyes becoming somewhat heavy as she stared at her old, worn out brown throw rug. She had owned this rug for years and never had seemed to truly notice it before. That's the way it is with rugs though, she thought. How very sad, she thought then, and tears began to well up in her eyes, as Alice was a very sensitive young lady and prone to be concerned about the feelings of rugs and such.

This blurred her vision even more and for a moment it seemed to her as though the carpet was actually moving. Now there is something you don't see every day! thought Alice dreamily to herself. She tried to stare at it harder, but the tears in her eyes wouldn't stop flowing on a dime, and it appeared as though the carpet was swirling about in slow, lazy circles. Alice got up on her hands and knees and crawled forward to look over the bed more closely at this odd carpeting.

"Isn't it odd how this carpet is behaving itself today," she remarked. "Unless, of course, it has always been this interesting and I've always been too preoccupied to notice. It looks as though it isn't solid at all. I suppose I must find out if it is or isn't."

So saying, Alice swung her feet about so that they dangled over the edge of the bed and over the flowing carpeting. It seemed to undulate up and down in a hypnotic manner. "Well, I guess I can't learn anything more by just staring at it," Alice sniffed, her tears finally halting as she prepared to inspect her new carpet. Pushing off the bed, she landed on the carpet, fully expecting to be knocked off balance by its swirling movement.

Instead, her feet met little resistance as they struck the carpet's surface, and she slid into its yielding substance up to her hips almost immediately. Alice let out a small, "oh" of surprise and stared down in wonder at the carpeting which her body was now settling into. "Goodness me," Alice exclaimed. "The carpet has never done this to me before, I'm certain of that!"

Her body continued settling slowly into the carpet. She reached down to touch the surface, and it felt rather woolly as she had expected, and yet it lacked the firmness she had expected to find (and typically did) in the past. The carpet showed no signs of slowing her descent, and while her toes quested to find a bottom beneath them, they seemed unimpeded in their downward voyage.

Alice found herself slightly worried at this point, as she feared that the family below might be seeing her descending from the ceiling above them and might be looking up her dress. That was an awkward thing for an eighteen year old girl to contend with, but there seemed to be no help for it at the moment. The jiggling carpeting was now up to her breasts, and Alice reached for her bedsheets to try and halt her descent. Yet she appeared caught in a suction now, and her vertical progress did not slow. "This is like quicksand," Alice marveled to herself. "But who ever heard of quicksand in one's upstairs bedroom? I quite know that I haven't!" She looked about for Dinah, but of course, Dinah could not be discovered at the moment.

The quicksand carpeting was now tickling Alice's chin, but she was in no mood to giggle. "I do believe I have gotten my wish," she sighed, her head tipping back, blonde hair cascading over the pulsating carpet. "For if drowning in quicksand within one's own bedroom is not an adventure, I dare say I'd need to look in a dictionary for a better definition!"

The scratchy carpeting eased up the sides of Alice's face as she stared at the ceiling. "I hadn't noticed before," she said. "But I really do need to dust the chandelier very soon."

With that the carpeting closed over Alice's head, and in a moment, all was darkness.


Alice was amazed at how odd it felt to be drowning in quicksand carpeting, for indeed, she had never done so before. Her hands pushed at the encroaching substance, but her attempts to swim out were of no avail. Her cheeks bulged with the air held within them, and she considered that she would enjoy this particular adventure a bit more if she could breathe. Alice did not consider herself a demanding person, but there were a few things she generally insisted upon. Oxygen was one of them.

Yet just when she felt her lungs must surely burst, she sensed a brightness from behind her closed eyelids. Timidly, she fluttered her eyes open, and stared about in wonder, expelling her stale air in a gasp. She was sitting in a forest beneath a very large and extravagantly colored mushroom. Standing up, Alice brushed herself off and looked about in wonder. This was certainly not her bedroom back home, nor had she descended into the downstairs parlour as she had thought she might. She could tell this quite simply by the fact that her parents parlour had no mushrooms growing in it. Unless, of course, they've planted one to celebrate my birthday, she amended to herself.

"Oh Alice," she spoke aloud. "You seem to be getting the adventure you bargained for and more this time!" She spoke in a stern, scolding voice, as she believed her mother would if she were there. "You deserve a firm spanking for this!" Although, truth to tell, Alice had not had a spanking for a long time, though she was of mixed feelings about this as well.

Before she could speak another word, she simultaneously heard a loud 'crack' and a fiery pain upon her posterior. Crying out in shock, Alice spun about to see who had given her the spanking she had inadvertently requested. To her surprise and chagrin, there seemed to be no one there! "Who did that?" she called out into the woods. "I really think it dreadfully bad manners to strike someone before you've been properly introduced!" she added, in a chiding manner.

In response, she received another stinging smack upon her posterior. Alice felt her face flush as brightly red as she was sure her bottom must look at the moment. Quickly she whirled about, her skirt swirling upward over her knees. There was still no one there. "Really!" Alice cried out in a huff, her fists resting on her hips. "I've never!"

"Maybe you should!" cried a voice from behind her.

Alice spun about once more and still there was no one to be seen. "Curiouser and curiouser," she mumbled, and then cleared her throat loudly. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced."

"I beg to differ."


"I said," repeated the voice in an oily and discomfiting manner. "I beg to differ."

"Yes, I heard you the first time, but..."

"Exactly!" the voice announced triumphantly.

"But what?" Alice replied, completely lost.

"This butt!" the voice replied, and Alice shrieked as her bottom received another resounding and firm strike. She rubbed her palm over the tender convex surface.

"Stop that!" Alice cried, turning in a continuous circle, not wanting to make herself an easy target. "At least until we are properly introduced."

"Well," laughed her unseen companion. "Your precious posterior and I have already become intimately acquainted!"

"My point exactly!" Alice said. "It hardly seems proper for you to go about slapping me on the bottom when we've not even been introduced."

"Well, my experience is that if I introduce myself that few young ladies are going to permit me to go on with my tushie slapping!"

"Well," Alice said thoughtfully. "I suppose you do have a point there, still..."

"Would you like to hear a song?" the voice suddenly asked, dislodging Alice in midthought. "I wrote it myself."

"Actually," said Alice. "What I would like is..."

"Then have a seat, and I will begin."

Alice did not want to seem rude to this unknown companion, and if she was ever to be properly introduced, she supposed she should not cause offense. She winced as her bottom settled on the ground. It still stung from his ministrations.

She heard the invisible figure clear its throat, and for the first time, Alice wondered what the speaker really looked like. If past experience was a teacher, there was no guarantee that he was even human.

"Are you ready?" the voice asked in the manner of a schoolmaster.

Alice nodded eagerly, forcing a smile. "Oh yes," she said, though in truth she was in no mood for a long poem at the moment.

"This song is titled, "An observation on the mating habits of the Portuguese peahen during the August artichoke blight of 1923."

Alice suppressed a groan, dreading what might follow.

The voice began in a voice that seemed only vaguely concerned with maintaining a recognizable melody.

My sweet Alice, they caught you
You're tied to a stake, and you're feeling blue.
Sweet Alice, it's true
You're in for it, you're in for it
They're gonna do it to you
And I'd help if I could
But I don't know where you are.

"Is this a poem about me?" Alice asked, pointing to herself.

"Not polite to interrupt," the voice continued.

Sexy Alice, they've stuck you
Into some mud, now you're through
Sexy Alice, you know it's true
You're gonna drown, you're gonna drown
There's nothing I can do
I'd help if I could
But I don't know where you are.

Nothing to do about it
Sinking in a mud pit
Tied to that wooden pole
Please don't struggle
As the goop slides up your legs
Try to think
That help is on the way.

Alice, sinken Alice
Stutze noch, stutze noch
Desto mehr du dich bewegst
Desto schneller du sinkst

My sweet Alice, please don't cry
As the cool pulling mud slides up your thigh.
Sexy Alice, don't ask why
You're sinking down, you're sinking down.
As the morass gets high
I'd help if I could
But I don't know where you are.

Alice, sinken Alice
Du bist, du bist
Auf zu ihre Brust>
In dieser morast

Alice clapped, more to be polite than anything else. "Oh that was very, well, yes, very," she stammered. "But some of that wasn't English was it?"

She received no response, and looked about with some anxiety, afraid on one hand that she had offended the singer, and also afraid he was sneaking about for another slap at her derriere.

"I say, was that song about me? What an odd coincidence otherwise, as you see, my name is Alice too!" Alice continued, hoping to engage her invisible bottom slapper into a more useful dialogue.

Yet silence was her only companion, and with a shrug, Alice arose, and with her hands protectively cupping her own bum, she began to scoot off into the woods. "I suppose he left then," Alice said more for her own benefit than anyone else's. "If I am to find my way out of here, I suppose I will need to search elsewhere for help."


As Alice moved through the forest, she noted that it was getting hotter and hotter. Her blouse was damp and dark where it had contacted her skin. "My," Alice exclaimed. "I certainly don't recall it being this hot in any of the other strange lands I visited when I was younger. On the other hand, from what my male classmates say, I'm much hotter now than I used to be as well."

Alice wandered on for awhile with no particular destination in mind. She had wanted an adventure, but she was starting to wonder if she had truly wished this upon herself. Come to think of it, it wasn't all that much of an adventure anyway. So far all that had happened was she had sunk into her carpet and been paddled by an unseen vocalist.

Alice drew up short as a tall, stone wall suddenly blocked her path. "Oh dear," Alice huffed. "This won't do at all!" She stared at the wall and as she peered up it seemed to disappear into the clouds above. "Well, there's certainly going to be no climbing over it," she sighed. "If I'm to find my way out of here, I guess I'll need to try another direction."

She was just about to turn around, when, "Hold on!" she exclaimed, noticing a door in the wall for the first time. "There's a door here!" She walked over to it and looked up at it. Her rose lips dipped in a frown as she reached up to try and grab the door handle. It was easily eight feet beyond her reach. "Well," she pouted. "It hardly seems right for there to be a door here and no way for me to reach the handle. It strikes me as very poor planning by the builders, that I know for sure! I suppose there's nothing to be done for it. I certainly can't jump that high, so there's no choice but to turn back!"

Alice spun about and drew up short as she saw something in her path that had not been there before. Curious, Alice bent over, pushing her hair behind one delicate ear as she did so. It was a plate, with a ripe banana resting upon it. A card leaned against the banana, and Eat Me! is what it read.

A smile came to her face as she read this. At last there was something in this crazy land with which she was familiar. Although she was not one to go about eating strange foods on command, she knew that in these magical lands, eating and drinking substances on command often had interesting effects on one's body. The fact was as well, she was getting rather hungry, and she felt a potassium break would suit her at the moment.

"Perhaps if I eat this," she reasoned out loud. "I will grow larger and be able to open the door in the wall."

Alice lifted the banana and delicately peeled back the skin halfway down. It was a full, ripe banana, and Alice found herself salivating in anticipation of her snack. "Here goes nothing," she announced to the door. "Let's hope this makes me bigger!"

So saying, Alice lifted the banana to her lips which gently parted to allow this fruit entrance. She sucked on it for a moment, sliding it deep into her throat before taking a bite. She chewed on it eagerly, amazed at how juicy it was, filling her mouth with its sticky substance. Alice giggled, catching the juices dribbling from the side of her mouth. "Okay," she said around her mouthful of banana. "I'm ready to start growing now."

It was as if the magic was waiting for her cue, for at that instant Alice did indeed start growing, although not in the manner in which she had expected. Instead of growing larger all around as she had hoped, she looked down in wonder as the fabric of the upper portion of her dress grew tighter. There was no question about it, her adolescent bustline was expanding.

"Oh my!" Alice breathed in amazement. She had never been more of more than typical proportions before, but it appeared that was about to change. She could feel her breasts tingling as they thrust upwards and outwards.

Alice dropped the banana, afraid of what might happen were she to finish the fruit! "I wonder if the rest of my body will catch up to my boobs?" she asked herself, touching them as if wanting to make sure they were real.

The fabric about her breasts was taut now, outlining her flesh starkly as her newfound endowments struggled to break free from their captivity. They stopped growing shortly thereafter, but Alice imagined that she had gone from a 34C to a 40DD.

"This is all well and good," Alice said, admiring her new figure. "But this is hardly what I was counting on! This will do me no good in getting in through that door."

"On the contrary," a voice said from behind.

"Oh!" Alice squeaked in surprise and whirled about to face the door, her hand going to her chest and reaching it much sooner than usual. "Who said that?"

"I did," announced the door knocker above her head. "The fact is, I will gladly open the door for you now."

"You will?" Alice exclaimed, scratching her blonde head in confusion. "But why would you not do so before?"

"It's the rules," the knocker replied in a haughty tone. "I'm only allowed to open for knockers bigger than myself," it sniffed. And with that, the door gave a loud squeak as it slowly drifted open.

"I rather thought big knockers could be an advantage," Alice replied demurely. "And I had heard they could open doors for me, but I never realized they would literally do so!"

As Alice stepped through the opening, she turned to call to the door knocker, "Thank you very much, Mr..."

But before she could finish she found to her dismay that the ground was not level ahead of her, and her foot slipped on the slick surface, cutting off her thanks and turning it into a cry of surprise. Alice dropped upon her much abused posterior and found herself skittering whilly nilly down a slide. Her breasts bounced furiously up and down as she hit one turn and then another, and so disconcerted was she by this new sensation that she quite forgot to be afraid of what she might encounter when she reached the bottom. "I dare say," she said to herself, marveling at the new threshold of her bosom. "I think this is one of the nicest birthday gifts I have ever received! I daresay my parents won't even recognize me when I get home. And how shall I explain this to them, as they are always so caught up in wanting a reason for everything I do! Perhaps I could hide them somehow to avoid the whole situation. But how? I could carry a basket of laundry about wherever I go, but I suppose that would be a bit of a bore after awhile, not to mention hard on my arms. Hmm. On the other..."

Alice's voice and thoughts were redirected at that moment as she reached the bottom of the slide. She cried out as her posterior once again took a beating and she lay with her legs sprawled in front of her. "Next time," she said. "Perhaps I should land on my front, as I daresay there is as much padding fore as aft now! But what sort of place is this?" she asked herself.

The place to which Alice was referring appeared to be a large garden of the like she had never before encountered. It was filled with flowers, which was in itself no surprise, and she noted the flowers were making sounds as if talking to themselves (which was also no surprise). What was surprising however, was the fact that several rather large flowers (at least as tall as Alice), had apparently withdrawn their roots and were moving steadfastly towards her.


Alice leaped up and brushed off the front of her dress. She did not want to seem rude and it was never polite to stay seated when greeting strangers. The flowers, roses, she was sure, stopped a couple feet away from her and stared at her with deep, red eyes. Alice lifted her dress and gave a curtsy. "How do you do," she began. "I'm..."

"Late!" finished the center rose for her. "Dreadfully late. No excuse for it. I told everyone this was how it would be, but oh no, no one ever listens to me!"

"Oh, that's not true!" giggled the left rose. "I listened to you only last week. I recall exactly!"

"Yes," continued the right rose. "And the week before that, I listened to you as well, though it was only briefly and on a trifling matter. Still, I did listen, you can't deny it!"

"Excuse me," interrupted Alice. "But I was just wondering..."

"If you could still be of use?" replied center rose once more. "Well, Venus won't approve, but perhaps she'll take it out on you instead of us."

"I beg your pardon," said Alice. "But what are you talking about?"

"Haven't you been listening?" asked center rose. "I knew it! You are as bad as all the rest. As I was saying only moments ago, no one ever listens to me!" At this the rose covered her petals with her leaves and shook as if sobbing.

"Oh my," said Alice, her hand covering her mouth in dismay. "I didn't mean anything!"

"That's the point," said left rose, sighing heavily. "What's the point in speaking if there's no meaning in what you're saying?"

Right rose moved up to Alice and patted her gently on the shoulder with her leaves. "Best to come along, dearie," right rose said. "There's no arguing with her when she's like this. Of course," the rose added as in afterthought. "She's always like this."

Alice followed the roses along as she didn't quite know what else to do. She had wanted an adventure, certainly, but she also wanted to be able to go back home sooner or later, and she was totally unsure as to where home might lie at this point.

"Here we go," center rose said. "There's Venus. We may be lucky. She doesn't seem half cross now."

"Doesn't she?" asked Alice, who wasn't quite certain how one would tell when a plant was or was not cross. Still, the rose appeared to have run out of things to say or complain about for the moment, so Alice ventured a question. "But do you suppose you could tell me how to get home? I seem to be quite lost at the moment, and..."

The rose cut her off in that aggravating manner of hers. "Get home? Get home? But my dear, you've only just arrived!"

"Oh, I won't be leaving right away," Alice insisted, not wishing to offend. "It's just that it's my birthday today, you see, and..."

"Your birthday!" shrieked the center rose! "Well, how were we supposed to know that, now come here young lady!"

Before she could utter a word of protest, the three roses were all about her, their stems moving in a blur of activity. Alice could feel their leafy hands upon her and in places which they had no business touching without at least first buying her dinner. Moments later they stepped back and Alice looked down in shock to find that she was suddenly stark naked! She didn't know more whether to be embarrassed or amazed by her new figure. Blushing prettily (which was the only way she could), Alice tried unsuccessfully to conceal herself with her arms and hands.

"Now it's plain it's your birthday!" cried the center rose.

"How can you tell it's my birthday now?" Alice queried.

"Well, it's obvious. You're in your birthday suit!" the center rose cried triumphantly.

Alice moved to snatch her clothing from the rose, as birthday or not, she had been raised with better manners than to walk about in a strange country displaying all her assets.

Before she could reach them, however, she cried out as a snaky vine circled about her bare ankle. This distracted her from her quest for clothing, and she bent over to grab the vine. "Excuse me!" Alice snapped, affronted. "But I have never met so many rude plants in my life before!"

"And I have never met fertilizer that was so mouthy before!" cried the plant previously mentioned as Venus.

"Oh my!" announced Alice, as another vine moved quickly and purposefully about her wrist. It jerked her off balance, and this time Alice got her wish and her front padded her fall. "Ooof" she ooofed as the wind whistled out of her. Quickly she rolled over as she felt herself being dragged across the mossy garden floor.

Venus, the plant to which these tendrils belonged, was a large plant and not nearly so beautiful as the roses. It had a thick stem at least as wide as her body that supported a giant top at least as tall as Alice. Rather than having petals, it seemed to be made of two valves, the texture of brussel sprouts. The creature's voice emanated from these two valves, and Alice was amazed to find the creature seemed to be nearly all mouth.

The vine about her ankle seemed to wish to make a maypole of her leg, and it spun around and around circling up to her thigh. It tickled somewhat as it reached that area that had received little attention up to this point in her life, and in spite of herself, Alice giggled. Whatever would her father think if he could see her now, and she pushed that thought rapidly aside, knowing she must certainly die of embarrassment were such an event to occur.

"Pardon me," Alice said, trying to speak in a polite and dignified manner, which is not an easy task when your naked body is being pulled along the ground by a living vine. If you don't believe me, just try it yourself sometime. "Pardon me, but I really haven't time to play right now. You see, I need to get my clothes back on and find my way home."

"But my darling, you are home," announced Venus, with what appeared to be sap dripping from her lower lip.

Alice looked about her as if to make sure of her location before responding. A new tendril had circled about one of her breasts and was squeezing it in a manner that was not at all uncomfortable, but certainly distracting. "But this isn't my home, you know," Alice replied, glad to have the upper hand in some fact at last.

"But it very soon will be," Venus replied, and with that lifted Alice in the air with it's tendrils. Alice let out a gasp and looked down as the plant raised her towards its open mouth. "In a few hours after I have digested you, you will forever be at home within me."

"Oh my goodness," Alice breathed, staring down into the light violet and pulsating maw of the plant. "But I really would prefer not to be eaten right at the moment."

"And why not?" Venus asked, pausing.

"It just wouldn't do," Alice replied, primly. "If a girl allows herself to be eaten only moments after introductions are made, she will gain a bad reputation. At least that is what my mother always told me."

"I promise I will respect you even more in the morning," responded Venus, and just as quickly as they had wrapped about her, the tendrils now let loose, and Alice found herself dropping into the creature's mouth.

But Alice reacted quickly and thrust her arms out on the opposing lips of Venus so that the creature could not close its jaws. Her feet dangled over the opening, kicking as she tried to lift herself up while simultaneously keeping the jaws apart. Yet the plant was strong, and Alice could feel the mouth closing in spite of her efforts. Her muscles trembled from the effort. "Please, Venus! Stop this nonsense at once!"

Venus, naturally enough, could not respond intelligibly, as Alice had a firm hold of her lips. Yet the increased effort Alice felt as her own arms weakened let her know the plant's response.

"Damn!" Alice cried with a very uncustomary vulgarity. She may be excused this slip however, for she only said this right after the plant's lips had closed about her ribs, leaving the lower half of her body inside the plant, and her upper half outside. A triumphant chuckle could be heard from the giant Venus Girl Trap.

Alice balled her hands into fists and began to pound on the creature's cellulose hide. "You stop that right this minute!" Alice insisted.

In response, Alice felt a jerking motion as the creature tried pulling her inwards. She felt something thick and slimy wrap about her hips and cried out in surprise and revulsion. Yet she did move downwards quickly, brought up short only by the jutting protrusion of her increased bust. "Wow," cried Alice in amazement. "Whoever would have really thought having large boobs could come in so handy!"

Venus wasn't about to give in that easily, however. Alice moaned as she felt a number of wet and sucking objects working on her body within the plant. She could not see what they were, but she could most certainly feel them. They slid over her naked flesh, gently, almost nibbling at her in a caressing manner. It was unpleasant and repulsive, yet at the same time arousing and exciting. She began wriggling her hips in response, which only seemed to stimulate the creature all the more. The creature continued trying to pull her down, and Alice's breasts shook and shimmied as the plant bounced her up and down, trying to force her mammaries through the crevice it seemed unwilling to open any further.

Alice threw her head back, her forehead beaded with perspiration, and wiped the back of her hand against it. She didn't understand it, but she was feeling incredibly turned on by these events. In the back of her mind she wondered why her mother had told her she shouldn't let herself be eaten, as it seemed to be a delightful experience to Alice.

Suddenly, Alice changed her strategy, and began to push hard against the lips of the plant. Caught off guard, the lips parted slightly, but instead of pushing herself up and outward, she thrust herself down. The lips closed again, this time with only her head sticking out of the beast.

"Eat me!" she moaned.

The plant seemed willing to oblige.


Alice writhed and moaned in a strange amalgamation of fear and ecstasy. The plant's insides were sucking and nibbling on her in ways she had never dared even fantasize. It was relatively painless, and she couldn't tell if the plant was actually devouring her or only playing with her. In many ways it seemed a moot point, as she was in no position to stop it regardless, nor was she at all certain she wished to. There was a strange and unfamiliar heat building deep within her belly, and it felt as though molten lava were ready to erupt between her legs. Her head thrashed about in varying degrees, first lolling slowly from side to side as she sucked her bottom lip, and then thrashing about as the plant nibbled on a particular erogenous bit of flesh. Alice was beyond words and decorum at this juncture, and simply made animal grunts and cries from deep in her throat.

Alice's blonde hair was growing damp from sweat and stuck to her face where it had been flung by her rapid movements. Her eyelids were heavy and her mouth was open, forming an enthusiastic cavern.

Her chin began bobbing up and down, beating a rhythm on the upper portion of the plant, as she found the fire within her belly reaching critical mass. Alice found her voice at last and found herself unconsciously preying to a deity, simultaneously unable to stand this any longer but not wishing it to cease. The plant seemed to sense this as well, and the tiny mouths ravishing her body began to work faster on her skin.

An incoherent scream erupted from Alice's mouth as she experienced the first orgasm of her life. It was more than she had expected, and greater than she'd have likely had if her first had been achieved in a more traditional manner. It energized her body and her arms shot out straight as the muscles flexed without her noticing this.

Unfortunately for the plant, this muscle spasm caused her fists to come smashing through the top of the plant, spewing thick, purple juices all about. Venus gave a bellow fully as incoherent as Alice's had been, but this one was due to pain. It's mouth opened wide and it spit out the offending party. Alice rolled to the ground, coated in a mucus like substance, giving her a lavender hue. Alice was too spent to get up and flee, but simply lay there, her chest lifting and lowering as she fought to get back her breath. That had been...incredible! She raised herself up on her elbows to take a look at Venus. She hoped that she had not hurt the plant too badly. "Thank you very much," she panted. "It has been a pleasure!"

"Thpeak for yourthelf," Venus snapped. "Thith hurth! You ain't good enough to be fertilither!"

"Oh dear," Alice said, finally getting her breath back. She tried to wipe off some of the goo coating her body. "I didn't mean anything by it." She stooped to pick up her clothing. "Is there a stream nearby where I could go wash off?"

"That way," Venus replied, gesturing off to her left with her trembling tendrils. "And good riddanth!"

Alice walked off, less concerned about her nudity at the moment than she had been earlier. There didn't seem to be anything she could do about it anyway, and she didn't want to put her clothing back on with her body all sticky and messy.

"Well, this has certainly been an adventure after all," Alice said, scooping a handful of purple gunk off her breast and flicking it into the woods. "I don't know what that plant did to me, but I certainly know it was worth the trip!"

Alice walked forward and as she did, she noted that the garden was becoming less dense and she could see light through the plants ahead. None of the other plants had spoken to her, and she felt they seemed to be snubbing her for the injury she did to Venus. She wanted to explain to them that it was an accident and not her fault, but she feared she would only cause more difficulty if she did. None of her conversations seemed to go the way she wanted them to in this strange land.

The sound of trickling water could be heard, and Alice picked up her pace, eager to clean off and get her clothing back on. The river seemed to turn in front of her, and she raced across the sandy flat towards the water. To her surprise, the ground seemed unsteady beneath her feet. She slowed her pace then and looked down. Staring at her bare feet, she saw they dimpled the sand and a thin dribble of water began to seep up around them. Curious, Alice began to rock back and forth from one foot to the other. As she did, she noticed the sand seemed to move up and down with her as if she were on a large mattress. Alice giggled to herself. "What a strange world where the earth itself can have a belly laugh," she exclaimed, which was indeed what the ground about her seemed to be doing. It felt funny beneath her feet as she rocked back and forth, and for the moment Alice quite forgot her goal of getting to the creek for a good rinsing.

Suddenly, however, Alice's laugh cut off as the ground beneath her feet gave up its consistency. It was as if a solid platform had been yanked from beneath her, and both legs plunged down into the sand up to her knees. "Oh!" Alice cried, arms flying outwards to balance herself. "Oh, I wonder if this is supposed to happen?"

"That all depends," replied a lilting, voice from over her right shoulder.

Alice turned to look, careful not to lose her balance in the shifting sands. She was somewhat startled (but not terribly startled, as at this point it was hard for anything to take her by surprise) to see a large and brightly colored python wrapped about a tree branch. "Hello," Alice said, deciding it was best to assume that it was the snake which had addressed her. "Did you say something."

The python nodded and gave a wide grin. Alice marveled at this, as she had never seen a serpent grin before. "Yes," said the snake. "You said you wondered if this was supposed to happen, and I said it all depends."

"So you did," agreed Alice, taking her eyes off the snake for a moment to look down at the sand into which she was continuing to descend. It was now creeping up her goo covered thighs. It felt slightly abrasive against her bare skin, but was not uncomfortable. "On what does it depend?"

"On whether it's your desire to be submerged in quicksand."

Alice slapped herself on the forehead. "Quicksand! Of course, this is quicksand. I was taken off guard as it didn't really look like my carpeting!" Alice explained.

At this, Alice noted with some pleasure, it was the python's turn to look confused. Alice felt it was about time that someone besides her in this crazy world would feel off balance. She moved her legs slowly in the quicksand and watched the sand about her move in return. It seemed to dance in a rhythmic counterpoint to her own movements. It was now tickling the place that Venus had tickled so effectively before, and without even realizing it, Alice began to move her hips in a slow, bump and grind. "Who are you?" Alice asked the python, which seemed mesmerized by her movements.

"I," replied the snake. "Am the Cheshire Python." It gave its wide grin again, apparently regaining its composure.

"Oh!" said Alice, (although in response to the python or response to the quicksand is anybody's guess). "I knew a Cheshire Cat once. Is he a relation of yours?"

The python began to fade away before her eyes so that its colors seemed to lose their vibrancy. "He was a...pale...comparison," the Cheshire Python replied, forked tongue flicking out in amusement.

The quicksand was now up to Alice's waist. It felt very odd to her, both solid and yet liquid. As she tried to move her legs beneath the surface, she felt strong resistance there, as if a rubber band had been looped about her thighs. Yet when she pushed her palms down on the surface, she could feel that she could push them under with only minimal effort. Pulling them back out again, she suspected, would be a different story.

Alice tossed her clothing towards the tree upon which the python rested. No need in ruining them as well. She looked longingly at the stream which was close but now so far away. She wondered if the water in the quicksand would be enough to clean her. That would be something good at least, she thought.

"Can I help you with something?" said a voice, seeming in her right ear, and Alice would have jumped were that motion not currently denied her. The Cheshire Python had lowered its head down from the branch and was now nearly resting its chin on her bare shoulder.

"Oh," said Alice, regaining her composure. "Well, I suppose you could help me out of this quicksand."

"Hmm," said the Cheshire Python, twisting and turning to examine her from every angle. "Well, you are rather stuck, but I believe I could extricate you if I so desired."

Alice looked down the slope of her bosom and observed the quicksand waiting just beneath it. She rather wondered how it would feel touching them, and then realized she would doubtless find out shortly. She leaned forward slightly, and let the weight of her breasts settle for a moment on the surface of the sand. It felt warm and tingly against her skin, and Alice could feel her flesh grow taut at the sensation. She relaxed and allowed the quicksand to accept the weight of her chest, and it held her firmly like a corset.

"If it wouldn't be asking too much," Alice said, redirecting her attention to the snake. "Do you think you would pull me out?"

The Cheshire Python glanced at her breasts which were now, ever so gradually, easing into the waiting fen. "I suppose I could be prevailed upon," he spoke in a sinuous sort of way. "If you will do me in a favor in return."

"I'm hardly in a position to bargain," huffed Alice, causing her flesh and the surrounding quicksand to jiggle in a most attractive manner. "So I agree."

"Splendid," agreed the Cheshire Python. "Now hold on."

"If there was something to hold on to," Alice replied. "I wouldn't be needing your help just now."

Alice watched as the python slowly began to fade away, disappearing as if the light had gone out on it. She half feared it was disappearing and leaving her, but then she saw the quicksand in front of her jiggle, and this time she knew she had not provoked it. The python was still there, but it was invisible.

"Are you there, Cheshire Python?" asked Alice as the quicksand scaled the mountains of her breasts.

There was no response. Alice reasoned this made sense. If the snake was invisible, perhaps it's voice was as well.

Suddenly, Alice saw what appeared to be a tunnel appear in the quicksand in a large circle. A moment later, Alice felt something rough and strong slide against her legs. There was a rubbing feeling and then her legs were pressed close together. Her hand was trapped between her thighs as this occurred.

This binding contact continued as it moved up her thighs, around her hips, and up her waist. Alice realized that it had to be the Cheshire Python getting a grip on her to pull her free. She felt what had to be a large coil beneath her breasts. It was uncomfortably tight, but she didn't feel it was her place to criticize the serpent that was in the midst of rescuing her. Another heavy coil slid around her breasts, rubbing her nipples provocatively. Without warning, a serpentine tongue flickered visibly in the air in front of her. It was followed by the python's eyes and smile appearing. "Are you ready to be pulled free of the quicksand?" it purred in her ear.

"Oh yes," Alice gasped. It was getting hard to breathe, both from the pressure of the quicksand and that of the snake's coils. "Anytime that is convenient for you."

"Very well," the snake replied. Alice gasped as she found herself seeming to just float free of the bog. Looking about her, it seemed as though she were floating in midair as the snake lifted her up towards the branch.

"You've done it!" Alice cried as she looked down at the quicksand. The hole where her body had been was quickly caving in upon itself. "Thanks ever so much."

"Thank you," said the Cheshire Python, it's forked tongue visible and flicking against her cheek.

"You can put me down now," Alice suggested, hopefully.

"Why would I do that?" the Cheshire Python asked in feigned surprise. "The deal was I do something for you, and you do something for me. What you can do for me is rest inside my belly."

Alice closed her eyes and sighed. It seemed the only appropriate response, somehow.


Alice watched as the invisible coils around her began to go opaque, taking on the natural colors of the python. She could now see, as well as feel, the snake's coils around her body. Her breasts were squished tightly together, squeezing out between two heavy coils. She could see that she was now trussed almost completely up to her shoulders in the snakes thick and slowly moving coils.

"I don't suppose this is open for discussion?" Alice asked without much hope.

"Hardly," responded the python. "And frankly, I think it's rather rude of you to try and weasel out of this. You made a deal, don't deny it, and I'm simply being a gentleman and collecting on my part of the deal."

"Yes," agreed Alice. "But I hardly would have agreed to the deal if I'd known you were going to pull me out of the quicksand just so you could kill me and eat me."

"Yes, well, I suppose you should have thought about that earlier. Besides," the snake sniffed. "Who said anything about killing you?"

"You mean you're going to set me free?" Alice asked, brightening.

The Cheshire Python snorted. "Who said anything about setting you free? I just said I wasn't going to kill you. I plan to eat you alive!"

"I hardly find that comforting," complained Alice, understandably.

"Wouldn't expect you to," the python agreed, amicably. "Now if you don't mind, I must prepare you for lunch."

Alice gasped as the snake went into motion. She felt its scales move ever so slightly tighter about her naked body. As there seemed little else to do, Alice tried to push against the scales, but her muscles were no match for those of the python. She tried to piston her legs up and down, but all this did was force the knife edge of her trapped hand to rub at the cleft between her legs. Alice stopped that immediately. She would never get free if she allowed that to continue.

"Why is it," Alice gasped, struggling for a clean lungful of air. "That everything around here wants to eat me?"

"Have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately?" the Cheshire Python said in way of reply.

"Is that a compliment?" Alice asked. "Well, you have a very nice figure yourself, for a snake."

"How delightful," replied the Cheshire Python. "A complimentary meal!"

Each time Alice allowed a tiny breath of air to escape, the python responded by moving its coils infinitesimally closer about her. Alice's free hand clenched and unclenched, while her concealed hand continued an almost involuntary but deliciously frictional rubbing. It was an incredible feeling to be held so tightly in this manner. Alice had always been one for hugs as long as she could remember, and was especially fond of tight and 'squeezie' hugs as she called them. She was now receiving the tightest, squeeziest hug she could ever imagine. In one way she felt safe, completely cocooned in this way. The only thing that spoiled it was the fact that it was now almost impossible to breathe.

Alice's face grew crimson as she fought to get air against the pressure of the powerful, constricting coils of the snake. Bright spots flashed in her vision, and she had to will herself not to pass out. She felt battered from every side by different and contradictory body sensations and emotions. Her breath came in tiny little gasps now, as the snake would allow no room for her chest to expand. Her flesh tingled from the lack of oxygen. The sides of her vision began to narrow, and a moment later, Alice blacked out.

Alice came to gradually, feeling very weak and very sleepy. For a moment she forgot where she was, thinking she must have just had an incredible dream. Yet when she tried to roll over, she discovered that she was quite immobile. Her eyes blinked to clear them and she looked down at the heavy coil of the snake just beneath her chin. She remembered where she was then, and tried to move. The snake tightened its coil about her chest and she was still. It made a tut-tuting sound in the back of its throat.

The Cheshire Python smiled down at her still form and relaxed a little, not wanting her dead just yet. Sliding his body down towards her feet, its tongue darted out and tickled her bare feet ever so gently. Alice might have laughed were her chest allowed to expand enough to do so. Instead, all she could do was writhe ever so slightly, wriggling her toes spasmodically. The python seemed to grin at her helplessness and then distended its jaws ever so slowly, while still maintaining a very pleased grin. It uncoiled a portion of its body from around her feet and maneuvered its open maw towards her. The pink skin slid easily into the snake's mouth, and the jaws closed somewhat as it's muscles worked to pull her slowly within. Alice could feel the wet and warm inside of the snake's gullet as it slowly began ingesting her.

Alice could feel her legs inside the snake now, and realized that, true to its word, the snake was eating her alive. She could feel the soft insides about her naked skin up to her hips. Glancing down again, she could see the snake's smiling eyes as its jaw widened again and closed about her, moving just below her belly button. Her own juices were mixing with those of the snake's digestive system now, and Alice's eyes rolled up in the back of her head at the sensation. She was completely this creature's captive now, and all her wriggling about did was bring a stern warning squeeze from the snake. Alice bit her lip as she felt the python's mouth nuzzling the bottoms of her breasts now. Her hands clenched and unclenched within the snake's body and a dreamy grin parted her lips.

"Finish me," Alice breathed, her voice a husky whisper. Somehow, in this mad land it only made sense that she should be eaten, that it was a good thing somehow. Looking down, she saw the python's mouth widening ever further, stretching, stretching as it fought to encompass the mounds of her breasts. Alice winced slightly at the feel of the fangs on her nipples. The snake was not biting to break skin, but their sharpness was startling all the same.

Her body felt warm and tingly within the snake. She could move slightly, but was still held firmly by the interior muscles of the giant creature. Alice was staring directly into the eyes of the snake now as it swallowed up her pink hills. The digestive juices were at work on her, but they energized her rather than hurt her, made her feel on fire all over.

The hissing sound of the snakes scales sliding over one another as it moved forward were a lullaby to her ears. Alice relaxed as the Cheshire Python gulped down her shoulders. She looked up to see the inside of the snake's white and pink mouth as it opened to swallow her head. It seemed like Alice was actually going to die here, made a meal of by this wild creature. Yet in spite of it all, Alice had left fear behind. She supposed dying was inevitable at some time or another, and this was certainly one of the more memorable ways to go. She couldn't wait to get home and tell her friends about it, though as she paused to consider that, she recognized that last thought might not make much sense.

She didn't have time to pursue this logic trail any further, for the python's hinged jaws closed shut over her face then, and Alice felt the pulsating inside of the snake, wet against her face now. It was hot and humid in here, which is how Alice felt as well.

It occurred to Alice to wonder how she tasted to the snake. She rather hoped she tasted good. It would be rather discourteous of her to be a meal to such a large beast and then be bitter. Determined not to be bitter, Alice tried to think of something cheerful and sweet. She could feel herself continuing her journey deeper into the snake, and wondered what it would feel like to be digested.


Alice was not to have the answer to that particular question however. She almost jumped as she felt hands firmly grab her by the ankles. She gasped out a cry as they began tugging her downwards. This was quite a shock, as it appeared there was already somebody else in the snake. Whoever that somebody was seemed to want company. The wet insides of the snake seemed to act as a lubricant now, and Alice felt herself moving downward very quickly.

A sudden brightness hit her eyes and Alice blinked rapidly, wondering what would happen to her next. She stared about her in wonder, astounded (and ever so slightly disappointed) to discover she was not in the snake any longer. In fact, she could find no sign of the snake anywhere! Instead, standing in front of her were a trio of very short women, none of them standing any more than one foot high. They were all perfectly proportioned, yet seemed miniaturized. They wore translucent colorful garb which would have scandalized Alice's mother. Yet most striking of all was the sparkling wings that each of them had on their backs.

"Who are you," Alice asked. She looked down at herself and remembered her nakedness then, and was suddenly ashamed. Not only was she naked, but she was a total mess, her body covered by a multihued paste of plant juices, quicksand, and snake saliva. Looking about, Alice noticed her clothes had somehow made the journey through the snake as well and sat in a pile by her side.

"We can help you get clean, if you like," said one of the creatures, her eyes sparkling violet.

"Oh, could you?" Alice asked, almost clapping with joy. "I would die for a nice bath right now!"

"Oh, we can take care of that for you!" said the blue eyed one.

Alice gasped as she watched the three creatures rise in the air almost as one. The wings were a blur like those of hummingbirds as they came towards her. The green eyed one pulled a tiny sword from its sheath and without warning dove forward and pricked her in the shoulder with it.

"Ow!" Alice cried. "Why did you do that for?"

"Sorry," the green eyed one replied. "Most girls I know like a good prick now and again."

Alice found herself getting drowsy and was soon reclining on the grass beneath her. She remained conscious, and aware of what was going on about her, but could no longer lift a finger. It was clear that the little faerie had pricked her with some type of poison, yet it was too late to worry about that now. Instead, her mind was occupied elsewhere, as these little creatures went about cleaning her off, just as they had promised.

Their tiny mouths were everywhere, touching, biting, sucking. Alice realized that they were keeping their words and she was beginning to wish they wouldn't. Her body was experiencing more and varied stimulations than she had ever had in her 18 years up to this point. The tiny tongues were rough with friction as they licked her skin. They moved quickly like hummingbirds sucking nectar from a blossom. Alice sighed again and again, wanting so badly to squirm 'neath their ministrations, but unable to move. She wanted to cry out both in pleasure and denial, but even this release was denied her.

It was then that the three creatures each took a special position over her. One each settled over her breasts. Alice could move her eyes enough to watch as their mouths opened wide and settled over her nipples. It seemed to Alice as though it would be painful to take in objects so large as those in their rosebud mouths, but they did, attaching themselves with fierce gusto. Their tiny arms reach out to squeeze her globes, and she thought they must surely asphyxiate themselves. Yet they seem determined, much as the python had been, to take in an object far bigger than their mouths should allow.

The third creature, after waiting a moment to observe her companions, dove quickly to the place between Alice's legs. Alice was not too paralyzed to let out a gasp then. She felt the creatures tiny mouth working unerringly on her, and it felt as if the tiny creature was sliding its body into Alice's own. She could feel something squeezing and forcing its way into the hitherto unexplored crevice between her legs. A wheezing sound came from her constricted throat, and Alice ached for release. Ached to grab the tiny creature and push her farther in. She wanted to be filled up and the creature was toying with her, teasing her.

Alice observed the creatures on her breasts as their tiny heads bobbed up and down, their little jaws muscles working furiously. Sweat beaded on their tiny forms from the exertion. Alice found she could control the inner workings of her body, and squeezed her lower abdominal muscles tightly, determined not to allow the tiny creature between her legs any hope of escape. In response it began to squirm about as if suddenly aware of its predicament. Naturally, this only excited Alice more, and though she was helpless, she was going to make the most of the situation.

It felt as though a wave was growing within her, ready to smash into an invisible shore. Alice felt her face flush and looked to see her breasts shining a rosy pink as well. It felt as though she had devoured the sun; her entire body was aflame. Something inside her was building with an incredible, unstoppable force, and she could no more stop it than she could halt the rotation of the earth. Instead, she rode it and watched the universe explode from within her center. No drug had been made that could still her then, and her body bucked and rocked as if possessed. Wave upon wave upon wave slammed through her body, and the tiny sprites upon her breasts seemed to be hanging on for dear life.

At last, exhausted, Alice collapsed again. The two sprites on her breasts raised their heads with lazy grins of their own. The third sprite fluttered up from between Alice's thighs, it's body glistening and wet. Yet in spite of it all, it seemed quite happy.

The three creatures gestured at her, and Alice gasped as her body lifted so that she was standing upright again. Her muscles were weak, but she found she was regaining her ability to move on her own.

"Thank you very much," the three said in chorus, and Alice could only smile weakly. This was certainly an odd sort of place, but she found she was rather getting to like it here. She was without a doubt having experience far beyond any she had ever enjoyed at home.

"Our pleasure," the three sang in chorus. They then spread their legs, and Alice's eyes widened in surprise as a gossamer string of some sticky material shot out from between their thighs. It stuck fast on her skin, and Alice waved a weary arm at trying to dislodge it.

But the faerie creatures were back in their hyperactive mode again, and were spinning and diving and looping about her at a furious pace. The spun madly about her, shooting this sticky string about her. Her arms were quickly useless as the material held them to her sides. The webbing was of various pastel hues, the web from each girl matching the color of her eyes. The material felt light on her skin, but also impossibly strong. Alice suspected that even if she had all her strength back, she would not be able to break this webbing.

The creatures hummed a joyful song as they went about their work, and Alice noted that they were all smiling as they continued wrapping her up.

"I hate to be rude," said Alice, finally finding her voice. "But exactly what are you doing?"

"I should think that would be obvious," said Green. "We're cocooning you."

"Oh yes," agreed Alice, easily enough. "But I don't understand why you are."

"Why not?" replied Violet. "It's instinctive in us. We answer the call of our nature without thinking."

"I see," replied Alice, though she didn't see at all. "Well, when you are done, do you suppose you could get me out of here?"

"Oh no," said Blue. "That isn't part of our instincts. Sorry."

Alice looked down at her body. Modesty was no longer a concern, as her nakedness was now gone, covered as she was in a gauzy wrapping of various silken threads. It was difficult keeping her balance now, and gradually, like a lightning blasted tree, Alice began to topple over.

"Unhfff," she cried, striking the ground. "Now what am I supposed to do?"

"Laugh!" cried the sprites, and Alice felt a sudden tickling at her still unbound feet. She rolled over, trying to get away from the sprites, but they flew along after her, their tiny hands reaching down and tickling her bare feet. Alice gasped in pained laughter as she wriggled and writhed, trying to get away, but there seemed no escape. Her chest heaved, her eyes watered, her toes clenched, and yet the sprites did not stop.

Alice began rolling away from them as fast as she could, but seemed unable to get away no matter what she did. The sprites stopped abruptly, just when Alice thought she could take it no more. They walked up her front and perched on her breasts. "Wasn't that fun?" Violet asked and began jumping up and down on her breast as though it was a trampoline. The other two soon followed suit, and soon they were leaping from breast to breast, giggling and laughing, while Alice tried to think of what to say. Her etiquette lessons had never explained how to handle such a situation.

"Stop that right now!" cried a stern, female voice. The creatures did so immediately and then flew off as if their wings were on fire. Alice gulped nervously. What now, she wondered.


Alice gasped as the webs about her body seemed to puff into smoke, leaving her body once again revealed to whoever might want to take a look. Alice scurried over to where her clothing lay and quickly began climbing into it. She glanced around, uncertainly, wondering what would happen next. Some voice had scared away those creatures, and she suspected it had something to do with her cocoon evaporating so quickly. Yet Alice saw no sign of anything around her, and half feared it was another Cheshire Python wanting to make a meal of her as well. Alice was generally an open minded young lady, but she felt being eaten alive by a giant snake no more than once a day was certainly a good rule to live by.

Alice brushed off her clothing to the best of her ability. Her blouse was extremely tight against her enlarged bosom, and she wondered just how she was going to explain this change to her parents. "But unless I find my way home," Alice spoke aloud. "I won't really have to worry about that, will I?"

"I can show you the way home, little one," replied the same female voice that had spoken earlier. Alice looked about, but saw that it remained as invisible as it had before. She licked her lips nervously, wondering how to respond to that.

"I would like to go home," Alice admitted, somewhat apprehensively. She had quickly learned that this land was full of tricks. "But who are you? Where are you?"

"I am Ryuusa. I am ruler of this land," the voice replied from ahead of her. "Come to me and I will show you the way home."

Alice felt her heartrate accelerate at the thought. Could it be that she had at last discovered someone who would be helpful to her? "Oh please," Alice said. "I have nothing against your land, but I really am going to be late for dinner, soon."

"Say no more," Ryuusa insisted. "Come forward child, and let me be your guide."

"I'm not sure how you can guide me," said Alice. "When I can't even see you."

"Simply walk forward, my child," Ryuusa replied. "You cannot miss me."

Alice shrugged. "Very well," and began walking forward in the direction the voice came from.

Her eyes scanned the area for any signs of her benefactor, but all she saw was sand and trees. "Are you still there?" she called out somewhat nervously. "I still can't see you."

"I'm right here," said the voice, seemingly from directly beneath Alice.

Alice stared down at the gray sand beneath her feet. Or at least, she thought it was beneath her feet. Now it was cradling the sides of her shiny black shoes as she settled into it. Startled, Alice tried to push off, but only forced her right foot deeper into the sand, the yielding substance accepting her foot and closing over it, covering the top of her white stockings.

"Not quicksand!" Alice cried out. "Not again."

"What do you expect when you visit Quicksandland?" Ryuusa replied from beneath her. "I am the living quicksand, ruler of this world."

"Pleased to meet you," Alice replied without thinking, and attempted an awkward curtsy. "That is, I'm always thrilled to meet royalty, though I'm afraid I can't fully appreciate it at the moment."

The quicksand had covered her ankles and made squelching noises as she tried to move her feet. Her toes were damp inside her shoes as she wriggled them, and she watched as she settled slowly but surely downwards.

"I am so glad we've had the chance to meet," Ryuusa slurped beneath her. She sounded now as if she was talking around a mouthful of food, which Alice rather feared she was. "I've been hearing all about you since she came here. How rude of you to try and feed everyone else and not me."

"Begging your pardon, your majesty," Alice began. "But you see, I didn't..."

"Silence!" Ryuusa exclaimed, slurping up Alice's white stockinged knees. "Young people should be swallowed and not heard."

"Nonsense!" Alice replied, moving her legs slowly in the deadly trap. "If that was the case, there would be no young people for you to swallow!"

The quicksand around Alice's thighs seemed eager to have her and some of it was actually creeping up her leg, just a little, as if trying to grab on and pull her down deeper. Her blue dress was spreading out on the surface of the bog like a table cloth, but Alice could feel its greedy wetness on the flesh of her legs all the same.

The quicksand made no reply to her last comment, and Alice thought perhaps she had scored a point. However, in the big picture, Alice supposed that was rather irrelevant just now.

"Oh!" cried Alice as she felt the quicksand's gentle touch upon her panties. "That feels absolutely naughty! You are shameless!"

"And you," replied Ryuusa, purring. "Are as juicy as they come! Come to me, let me taste you deeper."

Alice gasped as the quicksand did just that, pulling her deeper and invading her body simultaneously. There was a consistent suction at her pelvis and without being aware of it, Alice found herself rocking her hips back and forth once more. This action only forced her deeper into the living bog, but there were more pressing issues at the moment. Alice's hands found her breasts and began lifting them and squeezing them as if the quicksand was not simply eating her, but also making love to her.

The movement of Alice's hips moved gradually from a slow roll to a vicious bucking back and forth as the bog sucked her down to her waist. Alice gritted her teeth as she thrashed the gray sand about her into a froth. Gray sand splattered her white and blue dress in response to her movements.

"Doesn't that feel good," Ryuusa chuckled as the quicksand puckered just beneath Alice's bouncing breasts. "Who's your pal?"

"You are!" Alice exclaimed, voice jittering. It was harder to move now with the quicksand hovering below her breasts, but she fought all the same, seeking release within her gritty prison. The quicksand was teasingly abrasive on her skin, and Alice moaned as the dampness soaked through the fabric of her blouse, sticking it to her breasts.

"Do you still want to go home?" Ryuusa asked, her voice teasing.

Alice's hands were stretched out now, grabbing handfuls of quicksand and squeezing them spasmodically through her fingers. The quicksand was now halfway up her breasts, and she felt as if a million tiny tongues with licking at her hypersensitive nipples. She could no more respond to Ryuusa's taunt than she could stop the orgasm that was right at the threshold of exploding within her.

Then it was there. Alice lost track of time and place, feeling as if her brain had simply been snuffed out like a candle and she was simple one raw nerve end, overwhelmed by the numerous stimuli.

When she could think again, her head was tilted, her cheek resting on the quicksand. It was surprisingly soft, she thought first, and smiled. She knew she should be afraid, but she didn't have the energy to muster for that yet.

"Was it good for you?" Ryuusa asked.

"Perfect," Alice sighed. "I never realized quicksand could be so special."

"Yes," Ryuusa replied. "It's almost a shame to lose you."

Alice could hear the bog squelching about her as her body continued to settle farther and farther in. She tried moving her arms beneath the bog, but they were held tight, immobile. Rather than fear, however, she simply felt contentment. There was nothing she could do about it, so she was determined to enjoy these last sensations of her lifetime.

The quicksand was up to her lips. Alice's eyes looked dreamily about her. The world looked very different from this angle. She smiled.

"A kiss before you leave," cooed Ryuusa.

Without thinking, Alice puckered her lips and then felt the dampness of the quicksand on them as it pulled her under. She felt a force like a tongue trying to pry her lips apart. Deciding there was no point in fighting it, Alice closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and let her tongue slide out to meet that of the quicksand.


Alice's eyes opened wide to find herself resting outside on the edge of a mud bog. She was coated with mire from head to toe, but she was alive. She stared down at the quicksand that still held her feet. Looking about her, Alice was even more shocked to realize that this was her world. She recognized the location and everything. Her father had shown her this bog when she was younger, giving her strict orders to stay away. In this instance, she had actually obeyed him, at least until now.

"Why, that quicksand must be a link between our world and Quicksandland!" Alice exclaimed. "Ryuusa wasn't lying to me. She did know the way to get me back home."

Standing, Alice began brushing herself off again, and saw with some disappointment that her bust had returned to pre-banana portions. "However am I going to explain this to my parents?" she wondered aloud. "Daddy will be furious that I disobeyed him!"

She stared down at the quicksand and remembered her experiences in the living quicksand. "On the other hand," Alice said with a coquettelike giggle. "Now that I've been back here, I suspect I'll be disobeying daddy quite often." She blew the mire a kiss. "Until later!" she said, and turned, scampering off in the direction of her home, thankful for this incredible, thigh opening adventure.

The End.

Copyright 1997 by Kaol

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