M  A  R  G  I  N  A  L      I  N  D  U  S  T  R  I  E  S


It's not REAL software—it's BinkyWare!

Bet you can't byte just one! Look for these fine BinkyWare products at a convenience store near you:


The interrelational database builder your mother always warned you about! LEAVES OFF where others ONLY BEGIN!!!
Don't just surf the Web—RUBBER NECK IT! Make the Internet your personal pickle! Ogle with POWER and PIZAZZ...use BinkyBrowser!!!
BinkyWord Pro
It's a word processor...and worse! Everything you've always dreaded in a digital office productivity tool! With POWER FEATURES you never even WISHED for!!!
Write your own application programs! Crash with the Big Boys...feel your computer SURGE with POWER as even trivial projects become mundane!!!


BinkyFact: During the last ice age, things were much cooler than normal.

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